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Get Excited for Lounging With These Whimsical Pants

* Musical instrument-adorned pants
* Made of luxurious french terry cotton
* Made in Italy

Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection was an ode to musical fanfare with colorful instruments everywhere as showcased on these graphical black lounge pants. Just in time for the weekend, wear these while you’re making brunch with your partner, or throw on a jacket and sneakers for a fun look for a night out.

D&G’s almost 100-look collection this season was an ode to music and musicianship, with everything from evening jackets and T-shirts, to wallets and cufflinks (in the shape of guitars) emblazoned with some kind of musical instrument in colorful or black and white colorways.

These slim-fit lounge pants are made from the softest French terry cotton and have a graphic black and white pattern of various musical instruments all over. A rib knit waistband and cuffs, striped in black and off-white, complete the look.

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Made in Italy, these pants scream casual chic. If you are so inclined, pair these pants with their matching sweatshirt for that monotone, graphical look as seen on the runway. Either way, these are a worthy investment in your style and a fresh interpretation on your everyday sweatpants. Musical experience isn’t necessary to wear them, but a healthy dose of confidence is.

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