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Chevron Stripes Decorate This Lucky Brand Bucket Bag

* Trendy, printed bucket bag by Lucky Brand
* Genuine leather and woven fabric
* Drawstring closure with tassel

The Erin Bucket Bag by Lucky Brand is the ideal bag for summer and fall. This adorable drawstring backpack rocks a casual silhouette; it’s crafted from a mix of genuine leather and richly textured fabric, turning an everyday bag into a summer statement piece.

We love Lucky Brand handbags for beautiful bohemian pieces that add a laidback look to any ensemble, and this one is the right color and size for the versatility we crave.

The Erin Bucket Bag is crafted with real leather and a thick woven fabric to create a cool chevron pattern that’s always in style. The mixed materials come together to make an intricately striped design, while the leather forms a sturdy flat base and strengthen the two shoulder straps.

The drawstring top allows maximum storage and added security. It’s tipped off with tassels for some flirty flavor. It opens up to a roomy interior that’s lined with printed woven fabric and has plenty of space to stash your books, makeup, wallet and water bottles.

We recommend this handbag because it is versatile, unique and incredibly fashionable. The best thing about this backpack is that it will be equally cute when fall arrives and will continue to be your handbag for the turn of the season.

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