Haul It All With Clare V’s Sleek Drawstring Bag

Leather Drawstring Bag Clare V Grand

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* Made in California
* Leather exterior and lined, three-pocket interior
* Two-tone drawstrings and cinched top

Form already knows function in the hands of designer Clare Vivier. In her past life, she was a journalist for French TV, but unable to find a laptop case that was both good-looking and functional. There was the start of Clare V. Her best-selling accessories line has become loved for simple shapes with modern details, infused with classic Parisian charm. Case in point: the Grand Henri bag seen here.

In character with the brand’s ethos, the inside of the bag has been given just as much thought as the outside. Find an interior lining of chambray, from which three generous, sanity-saving pockets are formed. Large enough to stash a lightweight laptop without losing your smaller items to the black hole of a giant bag, the Grand Henri doesn’t stray from the designer’s original mission to marry style with function.

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