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These DU/ER Jeans Saved My Butt After Not Packing Correctly for the Frigid Northeast

Living a few thousand miles away from my loud Italian family makes me miss them a ton, so when the holidays roll around, I like to spend a few weeks with them back in the Boston suburbs. At this point, I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost six years. I’ve acclimated, but I’m still a Masshole at heart — or at least I thought so up until this past December. 

Last month, when I went home for the holidays, I didn’t realize it until I got there, but I packed like a total newb. I brought two hoodies, a denim jacket, and a running zip-up amongst some flannels and my best t-shirts not thinking ahead to the low-30s temperatures I was about to face. Kicking myself, I did find one saving grace in my carry-on — the DU/ER Fireside Denim Summit Pant. 

I don’t know how to explain this other than I’m pretty sure it’s colder in the city, which was where I was headed for the first two days of my trip. Without a car and forced to take the train from the not-close suburbs, these fleece-lined jeans, and the one pair of gloves I smartly brought with me, ensured I didn’t die from, as my dad put it, “gettin’ soft.” But this warm, and really unique pair of jeans allowed me to commute into and then walk through the city, without freezing, until I made it to my hotel on Tremont Street for a two-day stay. 

For the guys out there in need of a warmer pair of pants for the rest of the winter, or for anybody who likes cozy jeans, you need to look at this one. Let’s slip on into this DU/ER Fireside Denim Summit Pant review so I can explain why.

Courtesy of DU/ER
Best Jeans for Winter


  • Water-repellent and wind-resistant
  • Comfortable everywhere
  • Warm enough for winter wear
  • Durable
  • Cargo pocket = NICE


  • Inseam is too long for the optional jogger cuff to be useful
  • Only available in one inseam length
Material81% Cotton, 13% Polyester, 4% Nylon, 2% Elastane
Available Sizes30-38 Waist, 32 Inseam
FitRelaxed, but nice taper at the ankle; they run big — order 1-2 sizes down
HighlightsFleece-lined, cargo pocket, hidden gusset
Garment CareMachine wash cold, tumble dry low

DU/ER Fireside Denim Summit Pant Features

When I first picked these from the DU/ER collection, I had no idea what the heck they were — I just thought they were cool. From the outside, this pair of DU/ER jeans look rugged as hell. It’s made from a thick, tight-knit water-repellent cotton and polyester fabric that feels like it can outlast a tornado. 

The left thigh features a very spacious cargo pocket that I found helpful for stowing my wireless earbuds and, when working from my favorite coffee shop, Caffe Nero, my MacBook Pro charger. It’s a nice addition to this pair of jeans and scored crazy points in the convenience arena for anybody out there who lives in a walking city. 

Check out the depth of this thigh pocket. Jonathan Zavaleta, Anthony Mastracci | SPY

They say “it’s what’s on the inside that counts,” and that’s true for these jeans with their fleece lining. The main attraction of this pair of padded pants is the interwoven, not glued, fleece and denim fabrics that add to the stability and hardiness. This is what kept me warm in a freezing cold Boston. 

A glimpse of the fleece lining and adjustable jogger cuff. Jonathan Zavaleta, Anthony Mastracci | SPY

I’ll add that these DU/ER jeans were designed as a hybrid pant and jogger, so there’s an adjustable cuff at the bottom. I found this to be extra, as I didn’t really use it. But I suppose it could be good for locking in heat around a boot if need be. 

DU/ER Fireside Denim Summit Pant Fit

First, I’ll say this: In all DU/ER jeans, make sure to drop down at least one size. On my best days, I’m a 34 waist with a need for more exercise — let’s call me pre-dadbod. The DU/ER Fireside Denim Summit Pant, as well as the rest of their collection, runs large. I initially ordered a 34×32 (only inseam option) and they were, as we say in Boston, “freakin’ yuge, guy.” I swapped them for a 33, which, in a relaxed fit style is still generous with space, but a belt seems to do the trick. 

A view at the fit of these DU/ER jeans — a marginally relaxed fit. Jonathan Zavaleta, Anthony Mastracci | SPY

I’ve tried several other styles of DU/ER jeans previously and their fits are unlike most other brands. For example, the brand calls this a relaxed fit pant that’s well suited for athletic builds. While I find that to be true, with a generous amount of room in the seat and the thigh, the taper is a circumference you can only find in a dream. It’s a little on the narrow side (for a relaxed-fit pant) down by the ankle which, in my opinion, is fantastic. It’s not too spacious to the point that it’s blowing in the wind — it’s just right.

Wearing the DU/ER Fireside Denim Summit Pant

After wearing them for close to four weeks already, I already know these are my official 2022-23 winter pants. I’m not sure about you, but I go through phases with pants over long periods of time and this is likely the main event in my wardrobe until it hits 65 degrees in LA. 

The fleece lining is non-irritating or drying on the legs, even through cold, harsh weather, and the waistband stays comfortable all day long. They also don’t crush your nuts or ride the crack, I really encourage you to try these out. 

Jonathan Zavaleta, Anthony Mastracci | SPY

As for styling the DU/ER Fireside Denim Summit Pant, I think it’s best to play on the rugged aesthetic. In Boston, I didn’t have much, so I rocked these with my favorite Madewell sneakers, a blue denim jacket also from Madewell, and my new Vuori running zip-up (seen on Instagram, seen earlier). The other favorite outfit combo, also seen here, is with my Wolverine BLVD cap-toe boots, a black denim jacket, and a long-sleeve henley. When it gets super cold out, you kind of shove fashion to the side in favor of survival. But if you can have both, I say go get ‘em. 

The Verdict: Should You Buy the DU/ER Fireside Denim Summit Pant?

This may come as no surprise, but yes. First, these could become your go-to winter jeans thanks to their warm (but not hot) fleece lining and water-repellent outer layer. Second, the relaxed fit, in my mind, actually promotes comfort as well as warmth by insulating the extra air in the space where your body is not. And finally, they just look really cool. 

I found very few things to dislike about these pants other than the optional jogger cuff. And as long as you order down (heed this warning) you’ll have a great fit. 

Courtesy of DU/ER
Best Jeans for Winter