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Here’s a Skate Shoe That Non-Skaters Will Want to Wear

* Pro skateboarder Anthony Van Engelen’s signature model
* Hard to find colorway
* Heritage inspired design

You might not know Anthony Van Engelen (aka AVE), an award-winning professional skater, but you can certainly appreciate his taste in shoes. Specifically his signature AV Classic shoes, done-up in black suede by Vans.

The low profile silhouette may have been built to skate (or die) but it easily doubles as a casual lifestyle shoe thanks in part to a host of Vans innovations, like OrthoLite foam insoles. Though the OrthoLites are intended to give the wearer a better “board feel,” you’ve got to wonder why non-skaters wouldn’t want to rock them too.

Not only do the OrthoLites provide ample cushioning, but these AV Classics are also built with Vans’ Pro Vulc construction for better flex and traction. Who doesn’t need better grip on their shoes? In addition to superior comfort and traction, a layer of Duracap beneath the suede reinforces high wear areas that skaters would normally thrash.

And in case you’re wondering about AVE, check out his part in Alien Workshop’s 2009 flick “Mind Field.” It was this sequence that Transworld Skateboarding deemed the Best Video Part of the Year.

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