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25 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Effortless to Pull Off

As fun as Halloween is, easy costume ideas can be pretty tempting, especially if you’re a last-minute person. A low-effort costume is perfect when you’re busy with work and other responsibilities, or don’t want to drop a ton of cash on a one-time costume.

If you’re heading to a costume party or will get bullied by your friends for not dressing up, these last-minute costume ideas are a low-maintenance way to meet the bare minimum and get a few laughs in the process. Is your vibe all about the gore or are you looking for something a little punny? Either way, we’ve got your back with a range of options for the budget-conscious folks looking for a cheap Halloween costume.

Here are our top picks for the best Halloween costumes for men and couples that are also extremely simple to pull off. From tongue-in-cheek outfits to one-prop pop culture Halloween costume ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect look that’s right for you.


1. Michael Meyers Costume

Year after year, the Michael Meyers mask is one of the best easy costume ideas people can instantly guess — even if you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It’s made of latex and has a built-in wig, so it’s really the only accessory you need this Halloween. With nostril holes for breathing and wide eye holes, it’s also one of the most comfortable yet simple costumes.

Michael Meyers Costume easy costume ideas



3. Traffic Cone Costume

Ah, the epitome of simple Halloween costumes — nothing screams lazy Halloween costumes more than this bright orange shirt. It people exactly what you are — or aren’t, to be more accurate. Sure, people in more elaborate outfits might judge you all night, but who cares? You’re comfy in a t-shirt and no one is going up to you to ask you what you are.

Traffic Cone Costume easy costume ideas


4. Undercover Vampire Costume

In most of the shows and movies coming out these days, vampires are hidden in plain sight rather than walking around looking like Dracula. For that reason, these vampire teeth caps with adhesive are the best low-key (and low-effort) Halloween costume, since you can pair them with everyday clothes. For a ‘just freshly fed” glow, consider adding a few dabs of fake blood to the corner of your mouth. Caps come in four sizes to ensure the right fit.

Undercover Vampire Costume easy costume ideas


5. Carmy Berzatto from “The Bear”

Along with being one of the best easy Halloween costumes of the year, it’s also a way to flex your pop culture muscles. Chef Carmy Berzatto has been adored by the public ever since TV watchers became obsessed with the new Hulu show The Bear. Berzatto exudes that casual, don’t-care Chicago vibe, and you can too with the help of a dark blue apron (easily bought on Amazon) and a white tee and jeans combo that is probably already living in your closet. Make sure to add some product for Carmy’s signature messy hair.

Carmy Berzatto from "The Bear"


6. Cereal Killer

Honestly, a punny costume never gets tired, and this easy Halloween costume is way more low maintenance than slathering yourself in fake blood or vampire makeup. For this look, all you’ll need is cereal boxes (we suggest going mini so that you can easily glue or safety pin them to your shirt) and a white tee with a dagger. Consider glue-gunning on individual pieces of cereal and adding dots of red nail polish to really nail the death of the cereal.

Cereal boxes, Killer, Easy Halloween Costumes


7. Superman Costume

Those superman outfits that involve pulling on a tight jumpsuit with fake abs aren’t for everyone. If you still want to channel your favorite superhero with a more low-effort costume, consider this DC Comics Superman costume which only consists of a t-shirt with a detachable cape. It might not be the most extravagant costume you can get, but in terms of easy Halloween costume ideas, it’s one of our top picks.

Superman Costume


8. Crypto Bro Costume

Ah, the ol’ bitcoin costume, a modern classic in 2022. The only choice for any crypto bro (or anyone wanting to dress up as a crypto bro), this costume is made out of a thin foam with a bitcoin image on top. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it is extremely obvious, and is a fantastic antidote to anyone asking you what you’re dressed as this year.

Toy Life Bitcoin Halloween Costume


9. NFT Costume

Wear a frame around your neck and in it, place a print-out of your favorite NFT for a buzzy and modern last-minute costume that allows you to wear your regular clothes underneath. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are selling for up to half a million dollars and wearable NFTs are catching on quickly in the worlds of fashion and tech. You can also simply wear a t-shirt with the token on it, like this one below. From the Nyan Cat to the Bored Ape NFT, there are plenty of options.

NFT Shirts Bored Ape Yacht Club


10. Fleece Onesie Bat Costume

As fantastic as many easy Halloween costume ideas are, they’re not always inclusive of plus-sized folks. A great option for anyone experiencing a chilly October, this adult plus-sized fleece costume includes a fleece jumpsuit that can be worn over any outfit, and it ships fast from Amazon. Complete with a zippered closure so you can easily take it on and off, this jumpsuit by Fun Costumes features an attached faux fur hood with bat ears and a bat wings cape.

Fun costumes Adult Plus Size Fleece Bat Costume


11. Sriracha Bottle Costume

Dress up like everyone’s favorite spicy seasoning with this sriracha t-shirt and felt hat set. When it’s not Halloween, this shirt can be worn, making this a versatile purchase that you can still rock year-round. If you’re hanging with anyone else this holiday who’s dressed up as another condiment, you’ll fit in with the gang just fine in this easy costume for Halloween, which can be worn by both men and women.

Sriracha Sauce Bottle Adult Costume Shirt and Hat


12. Mr./Mrs. Potatohead Costume

A great individual costume that can also be turned into a couples costume with a matching Mrs. Potatohead costume, this is one of those easy Halloween costume ideas that are versatile for a range of settings and perfect for non-scary scenarios. This fast-shipping costume comes with a thigh-length foam-backed tunic, and while the ears are sewn on, other face parts are interchangeable. No one will have any idea that you panicked just days before Halloween and purchased this last-minute option.

Disguise Mr./Mrs. Potato Head Deluxe Adult


13. Buzz Lightyear Costume

To infinity and beyond! Thanks to this accessory-based costume, you don’t need to wear an elaborate and uncomfortable Buzz Lightyear costume. Just throw on the gloves, character hood and inflatable jet pack for an easy costume that can be worn year and year again. The wings are attached with elastic that goes around the arms and shoulders. One reviewer writes, “my husband got the most compliments! Very cute if you want something easy and fun!”

Buzz Lightyear Costume easy costume ideas


14. Harry Potter Costume

Don’t have a wizard or witch costume? No worries — this is one super easy costume idea that only requires a prop or two. Round glasses and a maroon and yellow tie will instantly have you recognized as a member of the House of Gryffindor. Unlike other Harry Potter accessory sets, this one also comes with a wand. Bonus points if you draw a lightning bolt on your forehead, but it’s not really necessary.

Harry Potter Costume easy costume ideas


15. Cleaver-Through-Head Costume

If you’re a fan of gory horror movies but don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a costume and fake blood, consider this pre-splattered butcher’s cleaver. Worn as a headband but has the maximum shock effect for those looking to induce gasps and wide-eyed looks. Since the cleaver is a bit heavy, you may want to secure it with pins to prevent tilting.

Skeleteen Wizard Costume Accessories Set easy costume ideas


16. Error 404 Costume

The ultimate anti-Halloween costume for folks averse to dressing up, this “Error 404” shirt on Amazon quickly transforms you into a malfunctioning website. It’s a true lazy classic for those looking to put in minimal effort, making this one of our favorite no-effort costume ideas. Sold in a range of colors, this is an easy-breeze costume that’s still cool and won’t take up too much space in your closet during the rest of the year.

Error 404 Costume easy costume ideas


17. When Life Gives You Lemons Costume

You know the old saying, “when life gives you lemons”? This year, you can dress up as is. Slap a name tag on yourself and write “life” in all caps. Then, hold a lemon in one hand and carry a basket of lemons in the other. If you really want to sell this, stand around handing out lemons to people all night. You can also dress up as your friend using these name tags, doing bad impersonations of them all night long.

When Life Gives You Lemons Costume easy costume ideas


18. Wolf Costume

Animal costumes can get hot and sweaty fast, which is why this set makes it easy with a pair of ears, gloves, and a tail attached to the waist with an elastic band. If you want to take things up a notch, dress up as a “party animal” in your finest formal party garb. This also makes a great couples’ costume — guys can rock a tux, and women can wear a gown or party dress along with these accessories.

Wolf Costume easy costume ideas


19. Couples Sneaker Costume

This is the only full-body costume we believe works well in terms of easy costume ideas for couples because it’s pretty much just a stretchy tunic you throw on top of your regular clothes. Also, what better way to pay homage to your other half than by dressing up like the other half in this pair of Converse sneakers? One buyer comments that they “looked 3D in photos.”

Couples Sneaker Costume easy costume ideas


20. Bob Ross and Painting Costume

An awesome prop-based costume for couples, this is one of those simple Halloween costumes for couples that everyone can figure out. One person is the “painting” wearing all black with a canvas around their neck, while the lucky person holding the palette and wearing the wig gets to be Bob Ross. A reviewer adds that the wig was “better than most for this price range,” so you can even reuse this wig for future costumes.

Rasta Imposta Bob Ross With Painting Kit easy costume ideas


21. Stepbrothers Costume

Flex your love for normcore and the movie Stepbrothers with this hilarious outfit that will forever be a classic. For this look, you’ll need two matching argyle sweater vests. Wear long-sleeved button-down shirts and pair them with whatever pants you want — jeans or chinos. While you can certainly wear your hair regularly, a curly wig should do the trick when it comes to eliciting instant laughs.

Zoroley Argyle Sweater Vest easy costume ideas


22. Men in Black Costume

The great thing about this duo costume is that couples or friends can wear it, and you probably already have most of the items hanging in your wardrobe. It only requires two suits with ties and a pair of sunglasses. This sunglasses and earpiece set makes it a little more realistic and will help you match better to your partner in crime, and you can even buy a cheap suit on Amazon.

Men in Black Costume easy costume ideas


23. Tourist Costume

All you really need for this look is a Hawaiian shirt and a camera with a neck strap, which you probably already have at home. The camera prop can be functional — at a Halloween party, why not take pics? This look works great with cargo pants, but whatever pants you wear, make sure to hike them up as high as possible for maximum dad-on-vacation vibes. A straw hat or a visor will also work well with this look.

Tourist Costume easy costume ideas


24. Chip on Your Shoulder Costume

A punny costume that requires little to no effort — just a bag of Lays taped or hot glued onto the sleeve and give people attitude all night. You can also create a makeshift Lay’s potato chip by cutting and folding some corrugated cardboard that you paint yellow. But this guide is all about easy costume ideas, so for the sake of convenience, just tape that mini chip bag on your shoulder.

Chip on Your Shoulder Costume easy costume ideas


25. Shrek Costume

Who needs a full-on green costume and face paint when you have Shrek ears? Shrek is and will always remain an unforgettable pop culture Halloween costume, and this felt headband is a lot more comfortable than exposed plastic alternatives. With a neon green color and a shape that accommodates a larger head, this is a well-made fit that you can wear all night without getting a headache.

Shrek Costume easy costume ideas


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