You Could Do a Split, Climb a Mountain or Just Veg in Coalatree’s Evolution Joggers

coalatree evolution joggers
Courtesy of Coalatree

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Eco-friendly joggers look cool and help the environment. Why not wear eco-friendly joggers made from your two favorite things: coffee and water? No, really, I’m serious. Let me explain.

Utah-based Coalatree designs eco-friendly clothing, hats and gear for the trail and beyond. The company started out as an organic farm in Colorado. They grew and grew, and no matter what they did, they chose to infuse Earth stewardship principles into all of their creations. So, when they decided that they wanted to make these unisex Evolution Joggers, they utilized sustainable materials. Each Evolution Jogger contains three cups of recycled coffee grounds and 10 recycled bottles that are woven into Fair Wear bluesign cotton. They also use a waterless dye method to color the pants. Every step they use to make these pants is carefully thought out, with the planet’s best interest in mind.

Courtesy of Coalatree

The result is a pair of pants that’ll let you do downward-facing dog with ease thanks to the built-in four-way stretch. To add even more comfort, the fabric is moisture-wicking and dries quickly. The seams are so durable you can frolic in the snow wearing them. The drawstring waist has a stay-put feature so the strings don’t wander around the waistband and get stuck.

Courtesy of Coalatree

But that’s not their only cool feature. They also have roomy hidden zippered pockets that can hold lots of stuff and are pretty much pickpocket-proof. But wait, there’s more! They’re really excellent for travel (or hiking), they have UV protection, and are stain and odor resistant. And yes, even with all those cool features they really are eco-friendly joggers, they’re built that way.

Another neat travel feature is that they only weigh 11 ounces. This means you have more room in your weekender bag or backpack to either toss in a book or an extra T-shirt (or two) for your trip.

The eco-friendly joggers can be dressed up and down. Try them with a lightweight parka and hiking boots, or sneakers and a button-down and chunky sweater combo. They’d also look cool with Coalatree’s Evolution Hoodie. Made from the same fabric as the joggers — worn together they’re the perfect outfit when comfort is key.

Coaltree’s Evolution Jogger comes in black, green, maroon and oatmeal (the hoodies come in the same color). They run in size from XS to XXL.

coalatree evolution joggers Courtesy of Coalatree

Unfortunately, while these joggers are amazing, they’re not available, yet. You can purchase a pair now for $60 but they won’t arrive until the end of November. If, however, you’d like to wait until they’re available for shipping in November, be warned that the price will go up to $79.00. However, if you really want some four-way stretch in your life, Coalatree does have something that may placate your palette. See below.


Also Try: Coalatree Decaf Denim

Looking for something a bit more formal than the Evolution Joggers? Try the Decaf Coffee Jeans, also by Coalatree. They’re launching this October. Just like the joggers, they’re made with Fair Wear bluesign cotton and have four-way stretch so you can climb like this guy (see photo below). And like the joggers, they have secret zippered pockets to protect your valuables from light-fingered strangers. The Decaf Denim are water, stain and odor resistant, provide UV protection and that gorgeous hue is made from a waterless dye method. They come in a slim or relaxed fit and in sizes 26-40. You can buy them in black or indigo.

decaf denim in indigo courtesy of Coalatree

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