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This T-Shirt Features An Electric Guitar You Can Actually Play and It’s On Sale Right Now For Just $12

* Plays actual chords on this guitar T-shirt
* Built-in mini amp goes to 11
* Easy to disassemble and machine-washable

The T-shirt has been around for a while. Its current form dates back to the Spanish-American War, when the US Navy started issuing them as a cooler alternative to 19th century long johns. Proto T-shirts showed up millennia ago as a simplified version of the Roman tunic, and a T-shaped pullover made of rough, scratchy wool was used by monks in the middle ages.

But in all those long years, and despite some memorable moments in T-shirt history, such as James Dean’s use of the sleeve to hold a pack of Lucky Strikes, no one has thought to turn this humble garment into a playable electric guitar fully capable of rocking out. That is, until now.

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Courtesy ThinkGeek[/caption]

Perhaps it was invented when some mad scientist temporarily gave Beavis and Butthead super-intelligence. We may never know. But this ThinkGeek original T-shirt features a flexible electric guitar with chord buttons– think Guitar Hero– and even comes with a built-in mini amp. Strum by touching the string area on the front of the shirt – no picks required. You can play all major chords, and you get real rock sound recorded from an actual guitar.

And yes, of course, the mini amp goes to 11. If you’ve ever wished for electric guitar chords to play on cue every time you said your catchphrase, this playable guitar shirt can make your dream a reality. Great for parties, birthday presents and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure fans, this shirt literally brings the rock. It’s worth it just for the chance you might walk into a room and have a Meryl Streep-type character say “your outfit is a bit loud, isn’t it?” You can even write songs on it.

The (second) best part? (The best part is the playable guitar, duh): The shirt’s electronic components are easily removed from the shirt for washing. You can toss the tee into the washing machine too. The guitar shirt runs on 4 AAA batteries (not included). Available in sizes small to 3X.

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