There’s No Skirting Around Spring With Mara Hoffman’s Dramatic Embroidered Blooms

Embroidered Midi Skirts Are Trending, Like

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* Make a statement with an oversized floral motif
* Made from 100% organic linen
* Woven by artisans in India

The return of the floral motif in fashion always signals spring is here and, while a perennial theme you count on in womenswear, the designer interpretation is subject to delight and surprise. Take, for instance, Mara Hoffman’s whimsy inflected linen midi-skirt. Not one to play it safe, she’s taken the familiar and made it outsized and exuberantly colorful.
Embroidered Linen Skirt

Bringing the hemline down to this season’s popular midi length, Hoffman adorns the A-line shape with an abstracted bloom, petals spiking out across the front of the skirt. A rainbow of hues bursts against the simple white fabric, hand embroidered on organic linen by artisans in India.

A side slit keeps things casual and practical — typical of the Mara Hoffman line, this is hardly a stuffy, too-tight piece that’s all designer fantasy, zero wearability. It’s a great piece for warm-weather getaways and summer strolls. The linen softens to perfection with more wear and looks even better with a nonchalant crinkle, creating an effortless look of cool.

Mara Hoffman has made her brand synonymous with a certain free-spirited, laid-back attitude; clothes that look like they came straight from the closet of your best-dressed friend’s Venice Beach bungalow, which is to say, exactly the kind of vibe summer was made for.

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