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This Etro Look is Hip to be (Pocket) Square

* Add a touch of flair to any suited-up look
* Bold elephant and floral print with rolled edges
* Made in Italy from 100% silk

A once-overlooked but now resurgent way to add a dash of color and elegance to your sport coat or suit, the pocket square is poised for a comeback in 2017.

The pocket square: while it may be a distant relative of the handkerchief, it has long since shed its former nose-cleaning function. Now for many, it’s become one of fashion’s mysteries: is it a conundrum, an artifact of formal Edwardian and Art Nouveau-era portraits, or is it a jaunty and on-trend addition to a dressy repertoire?

Either way, the pocket square deserves more attention, especially with such gems as this Etro Elephant and Floral Pocket Square available at Barneys. Etro’s original design is reminiscent of early 20th-century decorative art pieces, with its gorgeously-rendered repeating elephant and banana leaf center, and its blue-and-white floral border. The design is simple yet striking, a nod to the woodcut style which became extremely popular worldwide in the 1880s and which was influenced by the arts of East Asia.

Made in Italy, the 100 percent silk pocket square is just the something-extra; the dash of color that turns a reserved, elegant suit into a scene-stealing get up. It not only adds an air of mystery, but suggests creativity and hidden depths, an aesthetic that reaches beyond the conventional and humdrum. Fine details abound, from the rolled edges and navy border, to the printed Etro logo – a mark of quality from the esteemed Italian textile house.

In the age of Teddy Roosevelt, the pocket square was de rigueur in men’s fashion. Today, it remains the perfect accessory for an outfit that may speak softly but, figuratively speaking anyway, carries a big stick.