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Make a Bold Statement With The Ultimate Summer Hat

* Large sunhat with black grosgrain trim
* Made from 100% woven straw
* Perfect for blocking out harsh sun rays

A day out in the sun, lounging by the pool or beach is not complete without some kind of protection. That protection should come in the form of some kind of preferred SPF lotion for the face and body and to top it all off, a hat. Not just any hat will do, however.

The Carmen Nomad Hat by hat maker extraordinaire, Eugenia Kim, is the ultimate statement-making hat. Perfect for the aforementioned lazy days at the beach or sunning by the pool, this hat will stand out. Hand-scripted with the word “Nomad” in sequins, the style is woven from straw, finished with a black grosgrain band and will help provide the shade and additional SPF you may require.

Pair with a sultry one-piece and large black sunnies to give you that old Hollywood vibe or go street chic and pair with a sundress and sandals for a day of shopping. Either way, this face-framing and fashionable sunhat will elevate your style to sun-goddess status.

Eugenia Kim was a former magazine editor before she started her brand. Kim believes that hats are the ultimate cosmetic, as the right hat can instantaneously transform the shape of the wearer’s face. Each piece is meant to be like a sculpture, contoured to flow with the lines of the face to create a sensual effect. Every hat is a work of art, drawing inspiration from the simple and the extravagant and always demanding attention.

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