Everlane’s Third Ever Sneaker is Here and We Need One in Every Color

Everlane Forever Sneaker
Courtesy of Everlane

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You already know we love Everlane here at SPY, but our love for the eco-conscious basics brand just grew immensely after taking a peek at their newest Forever Sneaker, which is their most sustainable sneaker to date. And we’re not going to lie to you, it’s damn gorgeous.

These sneaks are an awesome unisex staple almost comparable to your favorite pair of Vans, but much better because they’re created to be 100% recyclable once you toss them. Meaning in a couple of years, when these babies are worn and torn to completion, recycling them is actually possible (and absolutely recommended, for that matter). And for just $58? That’s a bargain we can totally get behind.

The Forever Sneaker Courtesy of Everlane

How is the Forever Sneaker recyclable, you ask? Well, it’s more sustainably sourced than any footwear option Everlane’s ever offered. It’s made up of natural rubbers, partially recycled cotton canvas and 100% recycled polyester laces. All of these materials have the ability to be reused again after the sneak’s lifespan is up, therefore, making it one of the most recyclable sneakers on the market. If you’re unsure how to recycle these sneakers when it’s their time, no worries, Everlane will help you do it the right way.

The materials used also help the sneakers remain durable and comfortable throughout their lifespan. They’re completely lightweight in their approach, which makes them totally easy to slip on and slip off. Given the Forevers also have that timeless sneaker-look, they’re also easy to match with just about any outfit. Cargo shorts and a tee? Absolutely. Ripped jeans and a flannel shirt? Go for it. Crop top and short shorts? Boy, you better. No matter the look you’re trying to pull, these are the sneaks that will tie it all together.

Aside from the obvious sustainable qualities, we have to say we do think one of the best parts about these shoes is the fact that you don’t have to handwash them, because they can be thrown right in your washing machine. And because they’re so lightweight, you’ll never have to worry about the sneaks breaking or damaging the washer’s interior.

The Forever Sneaker Courtesy of Everlane

Oh, you thought these only came in black? Get real, buddy. Everlane would never make such a one-off sneaker of that sort. Right now, you can grab these sneaks in a slew of colors other than black, like white, India ink, teak and sycamore — but we do anticipate Everlane to launch a few more colors in the future. Wouldn’t be their first time!

You’ll need a pair of these in order to end the summer and start the fall in style. They’ll last a hell of a long time and will be your favorite sneaker until it’s time to buy your next pair of Forevers. You can only get them at Everlane, so act soon before your favorite color sells out in your size.


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