Think Your Dad’s a Superstar? Prove It By Naming a Star for Him

name a star
Image courtesy of REX/Shutterstock
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* Help dad find his place in the cosmos
* Officially licensed gift from the International Star Registry
* A gift that will (hopefully) last forever

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that’s out of this world, look no further than the International Star Registry. It’s as simple as point, click and name. Then voila! Your dad will instantly have found his place in the cosmos.

The official International Star Registry offers three great packages: Custom, Deluxe and Ultimate. Custom packages ($54) come with a 12″ x 16″ color parchment certificate that’s personalized with the star name, date and coordinates. They also include a personalized 12″ x 16″ sky chart with the star name, star date, constellation and the location circled in red, as well as an astrology booklet and letter of congratulations for the recipient.

Deluxe packages ($109.95) get a slight upgrade. The certificate is double matted in a gold metallic frame. In addition to the professionally written astronomy guide and letter of congratulations, the recipient also gets a personalized wallet card that’s been imprinted with the star’s name and coordinates.

For the best gift in the whole universe (literally, sort of), give dad the Ultimate package ($154.95). It gives the recipient a slightly larger frame (20″ x 16″) that’s the same gold color as with the Deluxe package. Both the certificate and sky chart are framed when you buy the Ultimate package. Again, it comes with the astronomy booklet, letter of congratulations and personalized wallet card.

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