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Go With The Faux: Top Off Every Party Look With This Luxe ‘Fur’ Collar

* Perfect accessory for cold winter months
* Faux fur style is vegan friendly
* Instant old-school Hollywood glamour

Whether on coats, scarves or capes, we’ve seen fur everywhere, from the catwalks of A-List designers to the streets of every major city. We love it too – it’s snug and cozy for the winter months and a great layering piece for the warmer months of spring – but we love it even more when the fur is animal-friendly (or “faux”). That’s why we recommend this luxe collar from celebrity-fave, Steve Madden.

First, let’s examine the softness factor. A lot of faux fur doesn’t pass the “does it feel good against your skin?” test. This collar does. It’s divinely soft, with the subtle sheen of real fur. The color looks authentic too. It’s a deep, inky black. The collar is also fully-lined, thus enhancing the drape and shape. It’s finished with shimmery tassels that can be worn tied or loosely looped. When we tried it on, we felt instant old-school Hollywood glamour.

How we would we wear it? Topping off an LBD or a strapless maxi dress. Any party look would work. Or, throw it over a favorite sweater, blouse, or coat. You’ll nail the fur trend, and no one will ever know it’s not real.

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