Rhianna Scores Another Hit With Her Fenty PUMA Jersey Tank Dress

Fenty Jersey Tank Dress

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* Easy, simple tank silhouette
* Double layer ruffled hem
* Cut from 100% jersey for easy, comfortable fit

Like her music career, Rhianna’s Fenty PUMA collection has spawned hit after hit. In the span of three seasons, she’s produced instantly recognizable pieces that sell out almost as fast as tickets to her shows (think: the furry shower slides, satin bow slides, macaron-colored pastel sneakers). Fueled by her ever-evolving, imaginative personal style, this collaboration has had no shortage of fashion-forward statement makers.

Pulled apart and viewed away from her fantastical Paris runway shows, you’ll find pieces that are fun and wearable — even when the inspiration, like the current spring collection available, is what the singer envisioned Marie Antoinette would wear if she were alive and headed to the gym.

Take the FENTY jersey tank dress seen here. The pale color, boxy silhouette and short pleated skirt reference the classic tennis dress, but in Rhianna’s hands, it gets sprinkled with her pop-star magic.

Sporty-meets-feminine styling comes together with a scoop neck, precise pleats and double-layer hem in an opalescent, satiny finish. And this being athleisure, there’s no fussing with constricting, structured shapes or fastenings. Cut from easy cotton jersey, just slip this dress over your head and you’re out the door — or not.

The neutral solid ivory and relatively simple construction make this a piece ready for layering. Throw an anorak from the same collection over it and finish with those now-iconic bow slides, or pair its micro hemline with a sleek pair of Puma leggings. There’s no end to the many ways to reinvent your look with this dress — exactly what Rhianna would do herself.

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