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Get Rihanna’s Sandal-Sneaker Hybrid Before It Sells Out

* Soft leather upper with bow detail toe
* Gum creeper sole
* Long laces to stylishly wrap around the ankle

Rihanna’s collaboration with PUMA has been nothing short of spectacular. The Fenty x Puma collection features apparel, accessories and most importantly, shoes. Her classic Creeper shoes from the initial collection in 2015 have been some of the hardest footwear to get your hands on. Brought back each season with only the colorway or texture changing, you know it will be the hottest ticket in town.

The latest twist on the beloved classic Creeper is straight from the Spring 2017 collection. The Creeper Bow Sandal takes the creeper sole and creates a dainty look with laces and bow details. According to the Puma website, Rihanna has taken some style inspiration from her fans, who uniquely used the original Creeper’s laces as added accessories with their shoes. In doing so, she has designed the shoe so you are able to lace your sandals all the way up your ankle.

Lazy loaded image

The Creeper Bow Sandal features a gum creeper sole material, soft leather upper with bow construction on the toe, and long sneaker-like laces that wrap around the ankle. This shoe is the perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe. Dress it up or keep it casual; the juxtaposition of the girly bow detailing and demure ankle wrap is kept grounded by the retro creeper sole, making this shoe a versatile choice for many different look.

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