Fitness Fashion: What to Wear For Every Type of Workout

activewear for every workout
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* There are more creative ways to workout than ever before
* Whether you spin, run, or practice yoga, what you wear can affect your workout
* Prevent wardrobe malfunctions and boost performance with these activewear styles

Looking for a little extra inspiration to get you back on track with your fitness regime? If you’re like us, the idea of getting new gear or a new outfit to wear really helps get us in the mood. Aside from using style as a form of fitspo, what you wear during your workout actually can help boost your performance, increase your speed, allow for greater flexibility and range of motion, and it can also help prevent unwanted distractions (i.e. straps continuing to fall down each moment or accidentally flashing your classmates during your Shavasana pose).

Whether you’re a spinning-devotee or an avid runner, here is what you should be wearing for your next workout.

1. Running

Whether you’re a sprinter or a medium-paced jogger, runners can benefit from higher compression apparel styles with non-pinch waistbands, that will hold everything in place and can even help you propel quicker by limiting unwanted resistance. You’ll also want to look for high-tech fabric equipped with temperature regulating and sweat-wicking properties. Cotton-based leggings and tights can be great for low impact workouts like stretching or yoga, but for running and higher intensity exercises, you should steer clear of natural fabrics because they absorb sweat easily, and thus become heavier.

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2. Barre

This ballerina-inspired workout has become a staple in fitness classes during recent years for its ability to lengthen and strengthen the body rather than adding bulk. The low impact exercise focuses on using small isometric motion that often blends stretching, Pilates and yoga into one unique workout. Since there is also a heavy load of stretching involved, flexible leggings and lightweight tees will allow you to move freely. A high-rise waist is also recommended for barre classes because it will help you hold in your abs.

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3. Yoga Class

No one wants to be put in compromising situations (read: wardrobe malfunction) when in downward dog. Loose shorts and flowing tee shirts can be great for outdoor workouts, but you certainly don’t want to wear them to a yoga class because they’ll leave you well, exposed. Furthermore, when you’re doing certain poses or bending positions, a pesky sleeve will flop around, getting in your way and causing unnecessary distraction. For the most flexibility and coverage, opt for a fitted tank top with a high neckline for optimum coverage that doesn’t restrict your range of motion. As for bottoms, stick with a light to medium compression level or opt for a seamless style with a thick waistband that won’t jab your back during mat exercises.

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4. Spinning Class

Spinning and indoor cycling classes can be grueling. The last thing you need on top of the racing heart rate is the distraction of having to constantly re-adjust your shorts or tank top after a steep climb. A 45-minute spin class can burn anywhere between 500-700 calories, so you can bet it’s a sweat fest. Sweat-wicking fabric is a must for indoor cycling and breathable muscle tees and sleeveless shirts will give your arms greater range of motion while allowing for air flow to the rest of your upper body. Shoes are another important aspect of spin class dressing, read our guide on how to buy spin shoes here.

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5. Weight Lifting / Resistance Training

The most important thing for resistance training– whether using weights or just the body as resistance– is keeping your hands protected from the strain and preventing injuries. Wearing gloves will also help improve your grip (even when drenched in sweat) allowing for more controlled motion and the ability to isolate the area of contraction more easily. You want to opt for apparel that also allows for good range of motion, especially for lower body workouts like squats, lunges and deadlifts. Muscle tees adopted their name for a reason. They allow for maximum air flow to keep you cool, and help promote greater range of motion so you can actively see those biceps contracting (fitspo, anyone?)

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6. Hiking

Your prescription for an outdoor hiking wardrobe will of course, depend on the climate and the area in which you live. Generally speaking, hiking apparel should be layerable to adjust to changing temperatures and/or terrain. Lightweight shirts made of fabrics like polyester are great for wicking away sweat and helping to keep you cool in warm weather, while spandex shorts allow for wider range of motion, which is great for more unruly trails that require climbing, jumping, or leaping over things. Whether you’re gone for an hour or are embarking on an all-day hike, it’s crucial to bring a few essentials like a watch, lots of water, and some healthy snacks to keep you going. For the most convenient and adventure-friendly water bottles, see here.

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