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How to Wear Flannels in Summer 2019

* Flannels aren’t only for the colder months of the year
* Cool summer nights are perfect for plaid
* Make sure you’re rocking the right styles this summer

Flannels have been unfairly cornered into the fall months of the year and we think that it’s time for a change. This casual, dressy and cozy look has gone through some serious rebranding as we’ve seen it worn in many different places and styles throughout the summer. So don’t even think about putting your flannels away with your other cold weather clothes. This is how you should adapt your style and rock your favorite flannel all summer long.

Where to Wear

The first issue many people have with wearing flannels in warm weather is the fact that they get too hot. Sure, you don’t want to wear a long sleeve cotton or wool flannel buttoned up when it is eighty or ninety degrees outside, but what about at night? If you’re heading down to the beach after the sun sets in the middle of the summer, it can get a bit breezy. This is a great time to bust out that flannel. Any occasion where you’ll have to be outdoors late at night this summer, don’t exclude your flannel from the realm of possibilities. Concerts, late night dates or even walks with the dog before bed are all great opportunities to wear your cool new flannel.



Some of the newer styles of flannels are gunning for a more summer-focused look. The lighter fabrics make them breath better and won’t make you break out in beads of sweat after five minutes spent outside. And if sleeves just aren’t your style in the summer, then go find yourself a nice sleeveless flannel and show off those guns. You’ll find plenty of guys wearing these during the day or night at music festivals and other outdoor events all summer long. Check out the selection H&M has to offer below.

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Image Courtesy H&M

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Image Courtesy H&M



And then there’s the decision to go with an undershirt or not. Wearing an undershirt with your flannel will give you options. You can were both of them when its cold out, but when the sun comes out you can always strip the flannel off and wrap it around your waist. An undershirt is going to give you a different look than without one. A plain colored T-shirt under a flannel would be great for a date as you look more dressed up, but remove the undershirt and you’ve tweaked it to be a bit sexier and care-free. Wearing an undershirt or tank underneath your sleeveless flannel teeters between cool and trashy. So get a second opinion if you’re going to try to pull this one off.