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Go Ahead and Drop These Sunglasses In The Water; They Float, So You’ll Never Lose Them Again

* Floating plastic sunglasses
* UV polarized lenses
* Comfortable lightweight frame

These floating frame sunglasses are here to fix a “glaring” omission in the summer eyewear scene, and they’re an ingenious solution to the problem of losing your specs in the pool. Take them to the beach or the pool party and wear them at the water’s edge or on deck. They float, so you won’t have to worry about losing them in the depths. They’re a must-have for chilling on your floating lounge chair and enjoying a cold one in balmy summer air.

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Available in navy, black or light blue, they come with special buoyant plastic frames and polarized UV-resistant lenses. This way, you can shield your eyes from UV damage and help stave off crow’s feet without worrying about losing your expensive designer eyewear in the murky depths of Big Bear Lake or the great kelp forests of the pacific. Billed as unsinkable sunglasses, these Waves Gear shades probably live up to that name better than the SS Titanic, thanks to being made of naturally buoyant plastics.  Great for boating, fishing and cruises, too, they’re useful travel back-up and everyday carry eyewear. Pack them in your beach bag and bring them along with the beers, snacks, and sunscreen.