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Take On Flower Power Dressing With This Graphic Floral Blazer

* Make a statement in a graphic bold floral print
* Notched collar, front button closure jacket
* Single-breasted style

Power dressing gets a whole new look this season with an onslaught of suiting separates in graphic, punchy florals. Prime example? Yumi Kim’s loud-and-proud Trail Blazer jacket, cut from an outsized floral print. Countered by a sharp, structured silhouette, the notched lapels and simple single-button closure nicely balance the unapologetic femininity of blossoming peonies.

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While matching pants are available ($118), just the jacket alone is enough to spell out spring. Toss it over a solid colored sheath dress for the office, and beat-up jeans on the weekend. A floral blazer also makes the perfect candidate for a mixed-print outfit; just stick to the two key rules of a similar color palette and opposite size print. Cut slim to the body, ending just at the hips, the sleek shape doesn’t overwhelm, even with the sizable bloom print.

A contemporary line known for its floral, vintage-inspired prints, this latest offering from the Yumi Kim collection keeps in character to her brand DNA. Heavy influenced by designer Kim Phan’s personal style, incorporating floral patterns into her designs has given a lighthearted joy to her new collection — and your summer wardrobe.

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