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Happy National Fast Food Day: 8 Food-Inspired Bags To Whet Your Sartorial Appetite

* Calorie-free junk food bags to hold your belongings
* Add a sense of humor to your look
* Bags that put the “fun” in function

Get hungry for this crop of humorous, food-inspired bags. From coffee to french fries, these calorie-free indulgences will put the fun in function, while adding some charm to your look.

Here, we’ve rounded up eight of our foodie fashion favorites. Wear one to lighten up a sober black outfit or in place of a sparkly clutch the next time you head out for cocktails.

1. DCI Hot Dog Zip Coin Purse

Coincidentally, a hot dog with bun happens to be just the right size for stashing pens and pencils. And if you have no need for paper accouterments, it also works nicely as a makeup brush case.


2. FunnyLive Baguette Pencil Case

These pencil cases look like real mini-baguettes thanks to the 3D-photo print. Access your coins, makeup and other essentials through a side zipper closure.

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3. Easydeal French Fry Crossbody Bag

French fries that won’t kick up your cholesterol level? Count us in. This cute vegan leather bag takes its cue from everyone’s favorite salty indulgence. It fits a phone, keys and wallet, with room to spare for a lipstick or two.


4. FunnyLive Fish Pencil Case

Expect a few gasps of disbelief when you pull this little creature out of your tote. Where his gills are, you’ll find a zipper opening to pack up your essentials. He’s also sized on par with your typical evening clutch. Tuck him under your arm as a salute to surrealist style as you *ahem* fish out your stuff.

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5. Easydeal Crossbody Popcorn Bag

If fries aren’t your thing, there’s always this bucket of popcorn. It’s petite enough to sling over your shoulder for date night, but not so small that your date needs to carry half your stuff in his pockets.

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6. SUKUTU Girls Coffee Crossbody

You probably have seen the catchphrase “but first, coffee.” Take that notion up a notch by wearing it across your body. Made from vegan leather, you won’t have to worry about ruining it if real coffee actually winds up on it – just wipe with a soft cloth and you’re good to go.

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7. WonderMolly Pepperoni Slice Wristlet

Pizza becomes a delectably cute accessory when its transformed into a wedge-shaped wristlet. Pepperonis are reimaged as glittery hearts, with a “crust” of vegan leather. Finally a ‘roni slice that’s vegetarian friendly.


8. DCI Peanut Butter and Jelly Coin Purse

Trick your friends and coworkers with the ultra-realistic sandwich photo print that unzips to peanut butter on one side and jelly on the other. Two zip pockets provide extra compartments, and a magnetic closure keeps them locked together.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon


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