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Fossil Breathes New Life Into Their 90s Classic, The Hologram Watch

* Fossil re-releases their classic, The Hologram Watch
* The watch features alternating holographic images inspired by travel
* With a modern mechanism and a nostalgic face, this watch is the summer’s perfect accessory

It seems the further we walk away from the 90s, the more we realize how right they had it. The latest evidence that the decade that brought us Pokemon and Nirvana totally ruled comes in the form of Fossil’s re-released classic, The Hologram Watch.

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Image courtesy of Fossil

The Hologram Watch originally debuted in the early 1990s to popular fanfare. Thanks to Fossil’s Archival Series, The Hologram Watch is seeing a new life in the form of a redesign nearly 30 years later.

For their newest version, Fossil has given the 42mm Hologram Watch a blue and green holographic dial, a 22mm black leather strap and a quartz crystal movement. The dial itself alternates between an image of a motorcycle and the phrase “The Open Road” depending on how you turn the device. It’s cased in flat gold case and comes in a limited edition tin sporting similar travel inspired themes.

At $115, the limited edition Hologram Watch is well priced for what Fossil brings to the table. This is 90s nostalgia updated and elevated with a look that is sure to turn heads.

The Hologram watch is available for Pre Order today and goes on sale to the public starting Monday, May 20th.

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Image courtesy of Fossil


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