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Wear a Fragrance Necklace to Look and Smell Divine

* Fresh new way to wear fragrance
* Includes necklace, bead sampler kit with three fragrances and gift box
* Made in the USA

If you’re looking for an innovative new way to wear fragrance, look no further than the one-of-a-kind Fragrance Necklace from Lisa Hoffman. Designed to be fashionable and functional, this stunning accessory allows you to enjoy three delightful scents without wearing out and without overwhelming — all packaged in an elegant charm necklace that comes in gold tone or silver tone.

Proudly made in the USA (Burbank, CA to be exact), you’ll receive both the necklace and scented wooden beads that fit perfectly inside the locket-like charm to slowly release the fragrance when exposed to air.

You’ll get to experience three different scents including Delight: A zesty, fresh, and uplifting fragrance with notes of lemon zest, chamomile, cucumber and green tea; Enchant: A seductive fragrance with notes of bergamot, rosewood, osmanthus blossoms and amber musk; Beautify: A playful and romantic fragrance with notes of blooming jasmine, violet petals, pink grapefruit and white musk. Try one at a time or mix a few different ones to create your own signature perfume.

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To use, simply open the charm and fill it with the fragrance beads of your choice — each charm fits about 6-8 beads — then close (listen for a “snap” to ensure the charm is securely closed). Each scent bead lasts up to one month, while the necklace is a chic piece that works with almost any outfit and occasion.

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