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The Best T-Shirt Brand on the Planet Just Released a Line of Sustainable Tees

Note: The brand formerly known as Fresh Clean Tees has since rebranded to Fresh Clean Threads in August 2022. You can read our whole original review below.

It’s no lie when we say we’re obsessed with Fresh Clean Tees. Back in 2021, we set out on a quest to find the very best T-shirt the world has to offer. We tested everything from J.Crew to Cuts Clothing to Everlane and found that, overwhelmingly, Fresh Clean Tees makes THE best T-shirt on the planet. Full stop. We even said so in the 2021 Man, SPY’s end-of-year product awards.

That’s why we’re so excited to hear that today, February 22, Fresh Clean Tees has launched its very first line of sustainable T-shirts in hopes to combat the global microplastics and pesticide pollution problem going on within the fashion industry.

That said, meet the all-new Eco Fresh Tee.

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Courtesy of Fresh Clean Tees

As Fresh Clean Tees continues to grow as one of the leading T-shirt brands for men, the Eco Fresh Tee works to bring that classic fit you crave into the modern world you live in. Quality keeps its consistency, size-inclusivity is of main concern and ethically-made properties are still a priority in every tee.

The classic Fresh Clean Tee isn’t necessarily changing, it’s just getting a sustainable facelift. And it’s not stopping at that.

By 2025, Fresh Clean Tees’ company goal is to replace all synthetics within their line of clothing by solely implementing organic and sustainable fabrics and materials. The Eco Fresh Tee simply marks the start of Fresh Clean Tees’ future in fashion.

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But, what exactly makes the Eco Fresh Tee so sustainable?

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Courtesy of Fresh Clean Tees

Well, each sustainable tee is manufactured with a beech tree modal which is totally renewable and sourced from sustainable beech tree plantations. To ensure that this material is legitimate, Fresh Clean Tees proves that each tee has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™ for confirmation. In addition, Fresh Clean Tees barrel washes each shirt, which is an eco-friendly method used to soften, color and even preshrink your new favorite top.

To keep up with sustainable efforts, Fresh Clean Tees is also choosing to transition over to 100% recyclable packaging and completely irradiating single-use plastics as a whole. In partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, Fresh Clean Tees will also give a guaranteed minimum annual $250,000 donation fund work that protects US coastlines, reduces plastics ill effects on marine life, protect ecosystems within the ocean and support clean water initiatives.

All that said, we can’t think of another T-shirt brand doing it like Fresh Clean Tees does.

You can pick up the brand-new Eco Fresh Tee as of today starting at just $22. Tees are available in both crew and V-neck styles in an array of colors, with more fun hues dropping later on this year.

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Courtesy of Fresh Clean Tees


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