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We Did It, We Found the World’s Perfect Men’s T-Shirt. Discover Fresh Clean Threads For Yourself.

Note: The brand formerly known as Fresh Clean Tees has since rebranded to Fresh Clean Threads in August 2022. You can read our whole original review below.

The rumors are true. This past year, we’ve been on the hunt for the world’s perfect T-shirt to decide once and for all: what really is the world’s best tee?

The world’s top T-shirt shouldn’t only be the most comfortable. To be considered the best of the best, the world’s best T-shirt also needs to be versatile, affordable, and potentially most importantly, durable. Because who wants to spend $50 on a T-shirt when it’s going to get some holes at the neckline in just three washes? No one.

So, what is the best T-shirt? Join us on our hunt and find out for yourself.

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been posting T-shirt review after T-shirt review in order to settle one of men’s fashions’ most discombobulated questions: what’s the world’s best T-shirt?

So far, we’ve had the chance to tackle the Cuts Clothing Crew Curve-Hem, J.Crew Slim Washed Jersey Pocket Tee and Everlane’s Premium-Weight Relaxed Crew. While each shirt is excellent in its own way for various reasons, we weren’t exactly able to call any of them perfect. However, for our final entry in this series, we’re excited to announce that have, in fact, found the world’s best t-shirt.

After testing dozens and dozens of t-shirts, the SPY team is unanimous that we’ve found the world’s best t-shirts.

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Tyler Schoeber |

Meet the Fresh Clean Tees Crew Neck, a comfortable, affordable and sharp-looking t-shirt that we’re completely obsessed with.

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How We Chose the Top Tees

When considering what fits best as the world’s best tee, we rated each by the following categories:

  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Affordability
  • Durability

Whilst every T-shirt we’ve rated hit a perfect score in at least one category each, none got a complete perfect score. We pondered whether the world’s perfect tee even existed to begin with.

But, you know what? We think we found it. The world’s most perfect T-shirt.

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Courtesy of Fresh Clean Tees


Fresh Clean Tees

For us, Fresh Clean Tees appeared out of thin air this year when we needed it most. To start off, we were instantly intrigued by the name of the brand. Who doesn’t love a fresh, clean-feeling article of clothing hugging their body? It’s something that grabbed our attention right off the back and only persisted when we were able to try a couple of shirts out for ourselves.

With a fit that exemplifies a true meets-all-needs wear and a softness unmatched by any other tee we’ve run our hands over, it’s safe to say we fell in love upon opening the package. Each shirt uses a construction made with 60% ringspun cotton and 40% polyester for maximum coziness as well as shape and color retention like no other.

And, colors? They have plenty.

But, does this enough prove that Fresh Clean Tees is the world’s most perfect tee? Well, let’s see.


5/5 👕

When talking about Fresh Clean Tees, the word “comfort” is a serious understatement.

Using their StratuSoft fiber blend mixed with a softening process that gives each tee an extra softness boost, wearing Fresh Clean Tees is like throwing a top on that’s crafted from clouds.

Each tee isn’t heavy and isn’t light, it sits in a Goldilocks zone that feels good no matter your T-shirt weight preference. There is never any bunching or pulling due to the added side seam, ensuring you’ll feel totally comfortable no matter your size. And, speaking of size, you can expect them to range from S to 3XL.

There’s just enough stretch added in each shirt without too much stretch. Given how much of a turnoff that can be for some, we think Fresh Clean Tees has nailed it.

We’ll say it because we absolutely mean it, Fresh Clean Tees gets an easy 5 out of 5 T-shirts from us.


5/5 👕

If we could give the word “versatility” an exact word-for-word synonym, we would simply call it “Fresh Clean Tees”. This is the most versatile tee we’ve ever come across.

You saw when we mentioned that added side seam earlier, right? To minimize bunching? Well, that’s not this construction choice’s one and only reason to be. This side seam adds a serious style factor that pummels your average solid-colored T-shirt into the ground. ‘

In addition to fashion purposes, this feature also keeps your shirt looking average when wearing under a layer — because no one wants a tee with too much going on underneath their best flannel shirt.

Although you can purchase Fresh Clean Tees one shirt at a time, we find the best way to go about doing it is by variety pack, which we will talk more about why later when we chat pricing. But, having a variety pack allows for a multitude of options each and every day, creating versatility out the wazoo through color. Not only that, but all colored shirts are available with either a crew or V-neck for added options.

Also as we mentioned, sizes are available from S to 3XL to maximize who can wear these T-shirts. They ain’t just for the skinny guys, people!

From wearing solo in the summer to layering under all of your winter-ready clothing, Fresh Clean Tees has got your back with 5 out of 5 T-shirts.

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Courtesy of SPY



5/5 👕

We mentioned that if you’re buying from Fresh Clean Tees, you should probably purchase a variety pack. Not only because you’ll be getting more gorgeous, comfortable and colorful tees, but because the price is hard to beat.

Right now, Fresh Clean Tees variety packs are available in every size, color and neck shape for $20 off the original asking price, dropping the price down from $95 to $75 for five shirts. That’s just $15 a shirt. So cheap that it’s more or less making us tremble.

But, don’t worry, if you don’t have the need for more than one tee (which, no judgment, but who doesn’t?), then solo tees from Fresh Clean Tees go for just $19. In our eyes, any tee under $20 is a steal, so that’s a great offer nonetheless.

With that all said, it’s a simple 5 out of 5 T-shirts from us.


5/5 👕

Let’s just cut to the chase — Fresh Clean Tees gets 5 out of 5 T-shirts for durability. And here’s why:

Each T-shirt from Fresh Clean Tees is already preshrunk, so you won’t be left with any surprises after a couple of washes. The size you get is the size you get and that’s not changing. So, sorry fellas, but you can’t blame any ill-fitting shirts on, “it shrunk in the wash!” again.

We mentioned how these tees are made with 40% polyester. Polyester is a great inclusion due to how well it keeps the shape and color of these tees, meaning they’ll last a ton longer than anything you picked up last at Walmart.

As folks who’ve quite literally tested these tees out time and time again and have thrown them in the wash way more than once, we can absolutely attest that these T-shirts hold up. We’ve seen zero pilling whatsoever as well as any unshapely issues seen in plenty of T-shirt brands after wearing more than once. These tees are a game-changer and nothing else.

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Courtesy of Fresh Clean Tees


Final Score

5/5 👕

We’ve found it. The world’s most perfect T-shirt. And it’s none other than Fresh Clean Tees.

We understand that a lot of you have never heard of this brand before, but it’s time you step out of your comfort zone and make a new friend in these T-shirts. We’ve given each category a perfect rating because these puppies are nothing shy of top tier.

Fresh Clean Tees simply makes the T-shirt of all T-shirts, and that’s a claim we’ll absolutely stick by.

Given the price and comfort, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t want these in your closet, by, like, yesterday. Try them for yourself using the link down below and meet your favorite tee tomorrow.