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Need a Christmas Gift for Him? I Promise Your Guy Will Fall in Love With These $19 T-Shirts

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been continuously on the hunt for the world’s best t-shirt. And, if you’ve been following along with us here at SPY, you might already know the answer to the age-old question. The world’s best t-shirt comes from Fresh Clean Threads, full stop.

I have tested SO many t-shirts that my closet is practically drowning them. You mention the brand, I’ve likely tested it. I have enough t-shirts in my closet to wear a new one every single day until 2077. Not really, but you get the point — I have a lot of t-shirts. Moisture-wicking t-shirts, white t-shirts, all of the t-shirts. The point is: I don’t need anymore.

But you know what I want this Christmas? More t-shirts from Fresh Clean Threads.

Courtesy of SPY

To keep it frank, there is no better t-shirt on this planet than the crewnecks and v-necks offered at Fresh Clean Threads. First and foremost, these puppies fit like an absolute glove no matter what size you are. With shirts ranging from small to 4XL, everyone in your family can rock one of these comfortably. Colors range out the wazoo, too. Into red? They’ve got a number of shades. Solid white? Don’t worry, that’s there, too. Blues? Pick between a few.

As mentioned, I have a number of Fresh Clean Threads t-shirts in my repertoire. But, I’m not the only one on the SPY team that voices such a positive opinion toward them. A majority of our team members have a tee or two from Fresh Clean Threads and we can all attest that these shirts are the shirts. They’ve gone through multiple wash cycles, way too many wears, a multitude of activities, you name it.

George Chinsee / Tyler Schoeber | SPY

To top it all off: they’re affordable. One shirt will cost you just $19 and will last you years and years. It’s a serious steal.

You’re likely gifting a t-shirt to someone this year, right? You know, to replenish someone special’s t-shirt drawer. Go with Fresh Clean Threads this year and make their holiday extra special. It might just be the best Christmas gift you’ll ever give.

Right now, Fresh Clean Threads is also offering 12 Days of Deals until December 14. Each day will be something different, so click below and see what deal is going on right now.

Courtesy of Fresh Clean Threads