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Fruit-Scented Sandals Are Summer’s Latest Trend

* Why worry about smelly feet when you can have scented sandals?
* Subtle scents help to keep your shoes fresh
* Stylish silhouettes that are great for a beach day or vacation

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the fashion industry goes ahead and surprises us with a new trend. Here’s what Footwear News is saying about summer’s latest fad: scented sandals.

The best part: these picks are actually pretty comfortable, and stylish enough to wear out (say, with a dress or pair of cut-off shorts to the beach or on your next tropical vacation).

From Footwear News:
Say goodbye to stinky feet with these sandals.

Scented sandals — fashion’s answer to aromatic candles — have become increasingly popular, meaning style-savvy customers can choose shoes based not only on look and fit, but also on smell.

Below, we’ve rounded up summery, scented sandals that you’ll want to get your hands on now.

1. Melissa Shoes Beach Smooth Pool Slide Sandal

Hoping to kill the chlorine stench after a dip in the pool? You’re in luck. These Melissa Shoes pool slides have a subtle tutti-frutti scent. The brand’s scent technology is patented.


2. Lemon Jelly Sandals

These Lemon Jelly sandals feature a (you guessed it) lemon scent that freshens up your shoes. In a transparent colorway, these are perfect for the beach.


3. Vines Islandwear Mermaid Kisses – X

Made from rubber tire, these Vines Islandwear styles have a sustainable bent. But no worries: Your feet won’t smell like a carpark. These shoes have a coconut scent that will transport you to a tropical island even if you’re stuck in the city.


4. Katy Perry Geli Sandals

These Katy Perry scented sandals — which are transparent and feature food iconography plastered on the sides — received their fair share of media attention after dropping this spring. The shoes come in a slew of fun colorways, each with its own scent, such as strawberry, grape and lemon. 

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