Fugly or Fashion? We Have a Love-Hate Relationship With Teva ReEmber Slippers

Fugly or Fashion: Do We Love
Courtesy of Teva

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For the love of all that’s holy, why, oh why, are so many shoe companies making ugly shoes — on purpose! Just kidding, we know why. First, dad shoes went from something we make fun of to something that’s put on a pedestal. Then, during the pandemic, the world officially fell in love with the ultimate ugly shoe, aka Crocs. And then Kanye made… whatever these are. Now, ugly shoes are very much a thing, even in the high fashion world.

The latest entrant in the world of fugly shoes is something that looks like a cross between shag rug and a slipper. That’s right, we’re talking about Teva’s ReEmber slippers. There’s just nothing else like them! They feature a flip-down heel so they can instantly transform into mules.

The SPY team is split on whether we love these shoes or hate them. Even those of us who think they fall on the wrong side of the ugly shoe trend still kind of want them.

Just look at them! It’s like looking at the world’s weirdest-looking French Bulldog. It’s got crossed eyes, bowlegs, bald patches, and flatulence that would kill a plant, yet you just want to cuddle with the little beast. These convertible slippers are that balding, farty bulldog. Forgot to mention that they’re all gender, so you and your crew can wear them at the same time.

Love ’em or hate them, they sure as heck look comfortable.

reember fleece Courtesy of Teva
teva reember fleece Courtesy of Teva

Teva ReEmber Fleece: Like 3 Different Shoes at Once

Part of Teva’s holiday collection, the Teva ReEmber Fleece, aka Ember, is what the brand calls “the perfect indoor-outdoor cozy slipper.” This is the updated version of Teva’s classic ReEmber slipper/shoe. It comes in eleven colors and the quilted front is reminiscent of the sleeping bag you dragged to sleepaway camp. However, this quilted front won’t get lumpy and gross like that sleeping bag. To show you how, um, unique they are, here’s a multicolor version. As you can see, it’s so weird that you just have to consider adding it to your shopping cart.

teva-ReEmber-multicolor- fugly shoe Courtesy of Teva

Go All In With the ReEmber Fleece Slippers

Teva is no stranger to controversial shoe trends. Earlier this year they released a socks and sandals capsule collection, which is basically one of fashin’s seven deadly sins. So if you’re considering buying these shoes, we recommend really going for it and opting for the Teva ReEmber Fleece shoes.

They’re just so fuzzy!

So, the shoe’s construction: the back can flip down, and suddenly it becomes a mule. It has a rib-knit trim like an ugly Christmas sweater There’s also a rubber outsole that lets you show off your fugly new shoes to the world. The inside is treated with Aegis antimicrobial finish so you can wear your shoes and not worry about stinking up a room, unlike that French bulldog. The upper, both the fleece and rib-knit trim are also made with 100% recycled materials, and the lining is 100% recycled polyester microfiber. The collapsible heel is made from 50% recycled polyester.

Wait, there’s even more eco-friendly stuff packed into these slippers. The EVA midsole and the rubber outsole was created using 50% recycled materials. To wrap it up, the fugliest shoe of the season is sustainable and comfy.

Teva ReEmber Fleece close up fugly shoe Courtesy of Teva
F21-SEP-reEmberFleece-alt-5 Courtesy of Teva

Fugly or Fashion: So What’s the Verdict, Do We Love Teva Ember or Hate It?

So in conclusion, yes, we’re desperately in love with this season’s ugly shoe. If you care more about comfort than chasing trends, then this is the winter shoe for you, too.

Teva ReEMBER Courtesy of Teva

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