15 Funny Christmas Sweaters To Wear at Your Next Holiday Party

Christmas Sweater
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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you just can’t ignore ‘em. Some say they’re an eyesore. We say they’re a welcome sight! That’s right, folks. It’s officially holiday sweater season.

While the winter holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year, they can also be the funniest. When it comes to lightening up the family mood or bringing a laugh to the infamous office party, these hilarious Christmas sweaters have got you covered. From sweaters that will make guests and fellow party-goers uncomfortable to sweaters that will likely scare away potential dates, we have a holiday sweater for every party situation. Check out our 14 favorite laugh-out-loud styles below and get ready to bring some life to your next holiday party. You might, however, want to avoid wearing any of these to the office holiday party. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Hanes Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

This Hanes sweater is pretty far from your average ugly Christmas sweater. But that might be a good thing, seeing as how all our friends and family will be trying to nail the ugly Christmas sweater trend this year. It features an all-black color with a “Sleighin’ It” graphic on the chest, fusing Christmas cheer with up-to-date meme culture. This makes it great for family get-togethers, but even better for holiday parties with friends or coworkers.

funny christmas sweater meme Courtesy of Amazon


2. Uideazone Ugly Christmas Sweater

Uideazone’s Christmas sweaters are wacky, to say the least. The graphics range from hairy beer belly to scantily clad Ms. Clause to… Christmas cats and pizza? Whichever option you go with, you’re sure to get a few laughs, a few compliments, and most likely, a nasty look or two (sorry).

Funny christmas sweater fat man Courtesy of Amazon


3. Jingle Bros Santa & Jesus Sweater

You think Santa and Jesus ever hangout over a nice glass of eggnog? The Jingle Bros think so, and they imagined this hilarious sweater showing the two men of Christmas arm-in-arm. The graphic looks like a rap album cover (in the best way), with Jesus throwing up a peace sign and Santa holding out the eggnog. Besides being funny, the sweater is also soft and comfy too with a high-quality double-panel construction.

ugly christmas sweater jesus Courtesy of Amazon


4. Tipsy Elves Santa Pooping Sweater

Tipsy Elves seems to have an endless catalog of hilarious Christmas sweaters, and this one is no different. It depicts Santa sending a package down the chimney –– only it’s not your presents, and it’s even worse than coal. Like some of these funny sweaters, this one might not fare well with the kids who still believe in the bearded gift-slinger.

funny holiday sweater santa Courtesy of Amazon


5. Ripple Junction All I Want for Xmas is Butts

Even if you’re not a fan of Bob’s Burgers, this sweater will still be funny. It shows Tina, Bob’s pubescent, boy-crazy daughter asking for what she really wants for Christmas: butts. This makes it a great gift idea for any Bob’s Burgers fans in your life. Plus, it’s actually nice to wear as well with a premium cotton-acrylic blend.

funny christmas sweater tv show Courtesy of Amazon


6. Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater

Sometimes, amid all the chaos and capitalism, it can be hard to remember the true meaning of Christmas. This hilarious happy bday sweater is made with durable reinforced seams for added comfort and comes in green. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with a unique and hilarious sweater this year, this Birthday Boy sweater is a must-have pick.

Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater Courtesy of Amazon


7. Big Package Christmas Sweater

A great gag gift for that friend/acquaintance/co-worker who orders way too many items off of Amazon Prime, this hilarious holiday sweater is made from 100 percent acrylic and is sure to turn a few heads. Featuring an all blue backdrop with a (mostly) naked Santa lying across the chest, this sweater option comes in blue and is available with Prime shipping for all the procrastinators out there.

Big Package Holiday Sweater Courtesy of Amazon


8. Awkward Styles I Got Ho’s Sweater

What makes Santa so jolly? This “I Got Ho’s” Christmas sweater may have the answer. Available in a range of colors from red and green to blue, black and gray, this cotton and polyester blend is great for making a statement at your next holiday party. And at only $25, it’s one of the most affordable sweaters on our list, too.

i got hos sweater Courtesy Amazon


9. TeeStars I Touch My Elf Sweater

This sweater has a particularly touching holiday message. Bring on the mistletoe! Available in a range of colors, this hilarious sweatshirt will get you some laughs, some head shakes, and some disapproving looks, but hey, every party needs that guy! Reviewers say it fits true to size and is comfortable thanks to its 50/50 cotton/polyester blend.

touch my elf sweater Courtesy Amazon


10. iApparel Make Christmas Great Again Sweatshirt

If you like your Christmas sweaters brash (or controversial), then this one probably Trumps the rest. Featuring an all black base with our current President’s face (complete with Santa hat and dollar signs), this sweater is almost guaranteed to start an argument somewhere.

trump christmas sweater Courtesy Amazon


11. Fresh Tees Merry Chrithmith Sweater

Fresh from Fresh Tees, this Mike Tyson-themed Christmas Sweater wishes you a very Merry Chrithmith from the famously soft-spoken boxer. Featuring Tyson’s handsome mug on the stomach (complete with face tattoo), as well as some boxing gloves and a handful of snow flakes, this all black sweater is great for the sports or Hangover enthusiast in every friend group.

merry chrithmith sweater Courtesy Amazon


12. Tipsy Elves North Swole Sweater

A soft and very form-fitting sweater, this option from Tipsy Elves is great for rubbing in your friends’ and relatives’ faces if you’re the only one who stuck to their last New Years’ diet and/or training resolutions. Made from 100 pecent acrylic, this sweater won’t breathe as well as the cotton options, but the swole Santa caricature and the green base with red trim make it a showstopper. At $65, it’s our most expensive sweater featured on our list, but with the price tag comes exclusivity. You won’t run into anyone with a matching sweater if you walk into the party with this one.

north swole sweater Courtesy Amazon


13. Tipsy Elves Yellow Snow Sweater

The first thing every Elf learns in Elf Basic Training: Never eat the yellow snow! Featuring a much more classic holiday sweater styling, with assorted snow flakes and red holiday trimming, this hilarious sweatshirt catches Santa red handed. And with 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon (out of 243 reviews) it’s safe to say this is a well-loved piece of holiday cheer.

yellow snow sweater Courtesy Amazon


14. Tipsy Elves Ask Your Mom Sweater

Like the best of Holiday jokes, this sweater is either hilarious or horrible, or both, depending on context. A wink is all it takes, and endless Santa-innuendos can ensue. Featuring a black base with candy cane piping around the neck, wrists and waist, there’s a reason we chose this sweater as the featured image; it’s just that good. Go ahead and cause a stir by showing up to your next holiday party in this hilariously offensive sweater.

ask your mom Christmas Sweater Courtesy Amazon


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