16 Funny Christmas Sweaters That Will Make Your Mom Blush

Christmas Sweater
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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you just can’t ignore ‘em. Some say they’re an eyesore. We say they’re a welcome sight at any Christmas or Hanukkah party (yes, there are ugly Hanukkah sweaters, too). As Wednesday, December 25 approaches, it’s officially Ugly Christmas Sweater season. And, if you place your orders soon, most of these sweaters will arrive in time for Christmas.

While the winter holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year, they can also be the funniest. When it comes to lightening up the family mood or bringing a laugh to the infamous office holiday party, these funny Christmas sweaters will help everyone who sees you get into the Christmas spirit. From sweaters that will make guests and fellow party-goers slightly uncomfortable to sweaters that will likely scare away potential dates, we have an ugly Christmas sweater for every party situation. Check out our 14 favorite laugh-out-loud men’s sweaters below and get ready to bring some life to your next holiday party. You might, however, want to avoid wearing many of these to the office holiday party. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


1. Happy Human Holiday Sweater


It’s sweater Rick! If you’re a fan of one of the best adult cartoons to hit the entertainment universe in years, Rick and Morty, this is a great option for you. While this particular sweater will go over some people’s heads, true fans of the Adult Swim cartoon won’t be able to resist giving you a well-deserved fist bump. Don this sweater and you can discuss the ins and outs of this great show while enjoying a pickle or two with a mutual fan.

Rick and Morty Sweater Image Courtesy of Amazon



2. Vizor Feliz Navidad Putos Sweatshirt

Are you down to deck the halls with bows of holly, but also prepared to deck a fool for stepping to you? Keep your style ready for Santa and let everyone know you don’t mess around with this number from Vizor.

Feliz Navidad Putos sweater Image Courtesy of Amazon


3. Mike Tyson Merry Chrithmith Sweater

For what is quite possibly one of the most terrifying and dangerous people to ever walk the face of the earth, we do make fun of Mike Tyson’s lisp a good amount. That said, he seems to be perfectly alright with it and has become quite a jolly fellow over the past decade or so. While this sweatshirt doesn’t come with a white tiger, it would likely be a perfect choice to wear while enjoying some of the new products he has been selling, then eating a plate of Christmas cookies.

Merry Chrithmith Image Courtesy of Amazon



4. Vizor Merry Liftmas Sweatshirt

Can you just not get away from the glorious house of gains? Are you going to put that Christmas Ham to work doing deadlifts on December 26? Did you or did you not dip out to the guest bedroom for a few rounds of pushups before the gifts? Then this is the funny Christmas sweater for you! Go a full size down to really show off the guns on Christmas morning, and in case uncle Ted thinks he can beat you in an arm-wrestling competition.

Merry Liftmas Image Courtesy of Amazon



5. Blizzard Bay Tyrannosaurus Rex Ugly Sweater

What goes together better than dinosaurs and Christmas? Get in the holiday spirit with this fun and festive Blizzard Bay ugly sweater. This green-and-read Christmas sweater features a fun tyrannosaurus rex who’s hear to party, and who is also wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.

funny christmas sweaters mens Courtesy of Amazon


6. Tipsy Elves Get Lit Sweater

Sometimes, amid all the chaos and capitalism, it can be hard to remember the true meaning of Christmas. That meaning is to imbibe some spiked egg nog and get in a fight with your Aunt Susan and not to let anybody stop you! Okay, perhaps that’s not the true meaning of the season, but Christmas should be fun, and we should remind those around us to have some with this number from Tipsy Elves… GET LIT! Like the Christmas Tree. See! It’s a pun.

Get lit sweater Image Courtesy of Amazon



7. Blizzard Bay Yeti Drink Pocket Sweater

At the right party, you’re probably going to have a couple of drinks. And when that time comes, you’ll need a secure place to hold your beer. In comes this great option from Blizzard Bay, which has a fuzzy little coozie in the chest of the yeti for all your partying needs. For a funny Christmas sweater that’s also functional, order this while you still can.

Blizzard Bay Yeti sweatshirt Image Courtesy of Amazon



8. BuckTee All I Want for Christmas is Baby Yoda Sweatshirt

Baby Yoda has stolen all of our hearts. No, don’t try and deny it, he has yours too. Cute little guy has been all over social media, and now he can be proudly displayed on your chest during your festivities for the Holiday season! Fair warning – unofficial Baby Yoda merchandise is a risky choice.

BuckTee Baby yoda xmas sweatshirt Image Courtesy of BuckTee


9. TeeStars I Touch My Elf Sweater

This sweater has a particularly touching holiday message. Bring on the mistletoe and self-care! Available in a range of colors, this hilarious sweatshirt will get you some laughs, some head shakes, and some disapproving looks, but hey, every party needs that guy. Reviewers say it fits true to size and is comfortable thanks to its 50/50 cotton/polyester blend.

touch my elf sweater Courtesy Amazon


10. ShirtInvaders Lets Get Baked Sweatshirt

If you like your Christmas cookies extra delicious, then this is a very appropriate option. In a simple green with our favorite gingerbread man, maybe a Christmas viewing of Shrek is in order while you wear this one. Get comfy, cozy, and warm, as if you’re half baked.

Lets get baked sweater Image Courtesy of Amazon


11. Carrity Fire Breathing T Rex Sweater

Do you want to confuse and excite everyone around you simultaneously? Well, look no further. T Rex is now Santa, he breathes purple fire/lightning, he’s lighting trees on fire, he’s part of a new Tron-like environment, and he is here to wish you the merriest of Christmases. So if you just need to be THAT guy with the full-on WTF Christmas threads, here’s an awesome option for you.

Carrity Dragon sweater Image Courtesy of Amazon


12. Tipsy Elves North Swole Sweater

A soft and very form-fitting sweater, this option from Tipsy Elves is great for rubbing in your friends’ and relatives’ faces if you’re the only one who stuck to their last New Years’ diet and/or training resolutions. Made from 100 percent acrylic, this sweater won’t breathe as well as the cotton options, but the swole Santa caricature and the green base with red trim make it a showstopper. At $65, it’s the most expensive sweater featured on our list, but with the price tag comes exclusivity. You won’t run into anyone with a matching sweater if you walk into the party with this one.

north swole sweater Courtesy Amazon


13. Tipsy Elves Men’s Santa Unicorn Christmas Sweater

Santa, as we know, usually rides a sleigh pulled by magical reindeer. But here’s a lesser-known fact about Mr. Claus: he also loves riding unicorns. If you want to get a ton of compliments and high-fives at your holiday Christmas party, then you can’t do better than this hilarious ugly Christmas sweater, featuring jolly St. Nick riding a unicorn, in space. Oh, and he also has a sword. The simple color scheme isn’t as over the top as some of the options on this list, and this Tipsy Elves design is appropriate for the office holiday party.

best ugly christmas sweaters Courtesy of Amazon


14. Christmas Kween Sweater

Who doesn’t love Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye? As one of the most joyful presences on a show brimming with happiness, JVN is the perfect person to put on your funny Christmas sweater. In an appropriately bubblegum pink color, this Christmas Kween sweater is here for the holiday magic. Plus, when you order from Not Just Clothing, you can donate 10% of the proceeds to a deserving charity. It’s a Christmas win-win.

jvn funny christmas sweater Courtesy of Not Just Clothing

15. Lil X Mas: Old Town Cowboy Holiday Sweater

Celebrate the most popular song of 2019 in the form of a funny Christmas sweater (and like the previous pick, donate to charity in the process). This hilariously fringed sweater pays homage to the Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus earworm that dominated the music world this year. Bring the yeehaw spirit to the Christmas season with this Old Town Road inspired funny Christmas sweater.

funny xmas sweaters men Courtesy of Not Just Clothing

16. Tipsy Elves Ask Your Mom Sweater

Like the best of Holiday jokes, this sweater is either hilarious or horrible depending on context. A wink is all it takes and endless Santa-innuendos can ensue. Featuring a black base with candy cane piping around the neck, wrists and waist, there’s a reason we decided to close out the list with this funny Christmas sweater; it’s just that good. Go ahead and cause a stir by showing up to your next holiday party in this hilariously offensive sweater.

ask your mom Christmas Sweater Courtesy Amazon


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