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Hip Slippers: 6 Crazy Ways to Keep Your Feet Cozy for Under $20

* Slippers are an integral part of keeping your feet warm through the winter
* Bring a smile to your face with a pair of funny house shoes this year
* Includes Bigfoot, unicorn and poop emoji slippers

With the cold weather moving in, walking around on the cold floor of your home can become quite uncomfortable. A great way to avoid touching freezing floors is to buy a pair of house slippers. These cozy foot covers are an easy way to make your morning walk to the bathroom more bearable.

But you shouldn’t invest in a boring pair of fuzzy shoes. We’ve put together a list of fun ideas for around-the-house footwear that won’t just keep your feet warm. They’ll also keep you smiling on even the coldest of days. From a family of Bigfoot lookalikes to tropically-inspired flip flop feet, these comical slippers are a great way to keep every friend and family member in good spirits this festive season.

1. Misscat Big Feet Velvet Slippers

If you find yourself dreaming of beaches and sunshine during the winter weather, try these fake feet slippers for a mid-winter perk up. Every time you look down at your feet, you’ll see a pair of feet wearing flip-flops, temporarily transporting you to warmer times. The unisex slippers come in a range of colors and would make a great gift for your cold-fearing friends this Christmas.


2. Norty Animal Claw Plush Slippers

These faux fur slippers let you become the animal you’ve always wanted to be. With a range of colors and paw patterns to choose from (including four soft claws to complete the look), a pair of these slippers is a cosy and fun way to keep your feet warm. They might also be the finishing touches for your monster dress up outfit this winter.

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3. Hstyle Plush Unicorn Slippers

Whether you knew they were mythical or not, unicorns surely occupied several minutes of your childhood daydreams. Relive a part of your childhood with a pair of unicorn slippers. These gorgeous white house shoes are even adorned with a pair of golden horns. Admit it. These are going straight on your Christmas wishlist, right?


4. Silver Lilly Plush Pizza Slice Slippers

If you believe everything can be solved with a slice of pizza, you may now have another way to prove it. With the pizza slice slippers, you can keep the cold at bay while laughing about your cheese, pepperoni and crust-covered feet. The convenient, slip-on design and gripped soles make them comfortable and cozy for around-the-house use. They are an ideal gift for any of your pizza loving pals.


5. YINGGG Emoji Slippers

Did you know the poop emoji is used more often than any other emoji? Considering the competition, that’s pretty impressive. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who use the poop emoji on a daily basis, these funny slippers are for you. Extra warm, they are made from plush velvet and can be worn by both men and women. 9 other emoji slipper designs are also available.


6. Ibeauti Furry Monster Slippers

Funny or gross? The jury is still out on the Ibeauti Furry Monster Slippers. Half inspired by Bigfoot and half inspired by your Uncle Harry’s feet, these funny slippers are created with a padded bottom and black rubber dots on the sole for an anti-slip finish. Complete with toenails and toe hair, you might feel like a Hobbit or just a big, hairy monster while wearing these slippers.

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