8 T-Shirts That Express How We Really Feel

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* T-shirts: worth at least a couple of words
* These have funny, clever or just rude slogans
* T-shirts that say things we’ve probably thought to ourselves at some point

How do you really feel? Sometimes it’s easy to convey with words, sometimes less so, and then some things are just best expressed in novelty T-shirt form. These funny T-shirts say the things we might be thinking but (probably) aren’t saying. Unless we’re Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. Here are eight tees that may have you saying, “Same!”

1. Outta Power T-Shirt

Let people know your battery is running out and it’s time for a recharge with this fun, human battery indicator T-shirt.

Outta power t shirt Courtesy ThinkGeek


2. Fitness Taco T-Shirt

Share your love of tacos with this “fitness” taco T-shirt. Comes in many flavors, er, colors.

fitness taco t shirt Courtesy Amazon

3. “No” T-Shirt

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes you don’t want to give someone a thousand words. Sometimes one is enough: “no.”

First of all no slogan t-shirt Courtesy Society6


4. Don’t Talk to Me T-Shirt

This funny “slogan” T-Shirt is a great choice for when you want to display a fun, ironic, nonsensical vibe. Recommended use: your dating app profile picture.

dont talk to me t-shirt Courtesy Amazon


5. Trust Slogan T-Shirt

Some things can be hard to have open and honest conversations about. Feeling suspicious of everyone you meet, for one thing. This T-shirt expresses your rampant paranoia so you don’t have to.

Trust T-shirt Courtesy Amazon

6. Grumpy Old Man T-Shirt

This Grumpy Old Man T-shirt features a humorous old-fashioned moustache — the kind you’re just as likely to see on some 35-year old serving craft whiskey — and humorously comes in fitted men’s and women’s sizes.

Grumpy old man t-shirt Courtesy Society6


7. IDC IDK T-shirt

This funny T-shirt uses ye olde internet abbreviations to express both ignorance and indifference.

idk t-Shirt Courtesy Society6


8. Sorry I’m Late T-Shirt

Ever find yourself subconsciously dawdling while getting ready for some party or function you really don’t want to go to? This T-shirt puts it bluntly.

Sorry Im Late t-shirt Courtesy Society6

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