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7 Streetwear T-Shirts That Express How We Really Feel

Ever since they emerged from under button-downs to be standalone items, t-shirts quickly became blank canvases for self-expression. They’ve been a way to show your allegiance to a team or a school, as well as make political statements. And of course, there’s the wide and varied world of band shirts, allowing you to show off the bands you love (and even sometimes bands you don’t listen to).

Another subset of graphic t-shirt is the funny t-shirt — these express some pithy sentiment, a sly innuendo or a just plain crude joke. These shirts have largely faded away — novelty tees can’t stay novel forever, after all — but fashion-forward designers like Supreme and Online Ceramics have revived the funny t-shirt with an eye toward the absurd. Today’s graphics will feature unusual phrases, darkly amusing designs and a heavy dose of irony. In short, the funny tee is weirder and wilder than ever. Whether you want to make a punny statement or share a nostalgic sentiment, these funny shirts do it all.


1. Urban Outfitters Indica Collegiate Tee


For many, college is less synonymous with studiousness and more memorable for the extracurriculars. Party responsibly with this indica t-shirt, which has collegiate-inspired lettering on a green background. It’s 100% cotton, making it a comfortable shirt, too.

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Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

2. Avatar: The Last Airbender Ba Sing Se Cabbage T-Shirt


Avatar has enjoyed a well-deserved resurgence ever since it appeared on Netflix. This funny tee references one of the best recurring bits from the show, so anyone in the know will likely get a kick out of it.

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Image Courtesy of Hot Topic

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3. RedBubble Vintage California Bear Hug Classic T-Shirt


The grizzly bear is the state animal of California, and a bear hug is a secure hug around the other person. So how about a bear bear-hugging California? Yes, it’s a pun, but it’s subtle enough to not immediately prompt any eye rolls. Plus, with this funny t-shirt, you can show off your love for the Golden State.

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Image Courtesy of Redbubble

4. D.A.R.E T-Shirt


This funny t-shirt features the DARE logo and slogan, so it has the opposite message of the Urban Outfitters “Indica” t-shirt. Or does it? Ironic or genuine, it’s up to interpretation. The washed black color and faded logo give it a lived-in, retro look.

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Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

5. Gucci Fake/Not T-shirt


With so many fake Gucci t-shirts on the market, the brand itself decided to get in on the action with a funny t-shirt featuring their distinctive green and red striped pattern and the word “FAKE” written on the front. The back of the shirt says “NOT,” so passersby will be quickly reassured of the shirt’s authenticity.

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Image Courtesy of Farfetch

6. Smokey The Bear Wildfire Tee


Silly shirt, serious message. Only you can prevent wildfires. Here, the iconic anti-forest-fire PSA bear takes aim at a scared flame, reminding you to “strike out wildfire.” It’s a long-sleeve tee, providing extra comfort and coverage.

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Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

7. Patta Acid Eve Tee


Strange, psychedelic and more than just a little sinister, this funny t-shirt from Patta reimagines one of the most famous Bible tales with a vengeful twist. The words “Acid Eve’s Revenge” are printed above and below the print. What really makes this a great shirt are the eye-catching vibrant colors that are an upgrade on the basic white tee.

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Image Courtesy of END
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