These Fur-Lined Crocs Have 50,000 Reviews & a Perfect Rating on Amazon

Crocs' Classic Lined Clog
Courtesy of Amazon

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It’s official. Crocs have taken over the world this year and surprisingly, no one’s mad about it in the slightest.

This past summer, Crocs have genuinely been everywhere. They’re cladding the feet of even the world’s most fashionable and locking down collabs (like one of their recent with Diplo) we never thought would ever exist.

Crocs' Classic Lined Clog Courtesy of Crocs

But, as we fully emerge ourselves in fall weather and winter looms in the distance, we’re taking our holey, lightweight Crocs clogs off until next summer. But that doesn’t mean we’re ditching Crocs until warmer weather. Oh, no. We’re only trading them for the most iconic Croc winter alternative: the warm and fuzzy Classic Lined Clog.

Crocs’ Classic Lined Clog is exactly what you think it is — a Croc with a faux fur interior to keep your tootsies warm in colder weather. Essentially, it’s the winter shoe we never knew we needed. With a design made for both warmth and function, these cozy shoes are simply some of the best Crocs you can purchase, hands down.

Crocs' Classic Lined Clog Courtesy of Crocs

From your favorite in-house slipper to the shoes you slip on when walking to the mailbox to the feet heat your rock at the local bar, faux fur Crocs are the do-all shoe you never knew you needed in colder weather. They have their pertinence in just about every situation and treat your feet how they should be as soon as it gets cold outside.

To make your life even cozier, these Crocs are built with an EVA sole to help put that much-needed pep in your step for walking made easier. Additionally, they have that classic strap in the back you’re already familiar with in your warm-weather Crocs so your feet stay snug and comfortable inside.

Crocs' Classic Lined Clog Courtesy of Crocs

Colors? Patterns? Don’t even joke like that. You already know Crocs has every design imaginable. And don’t even get us started Crocs Jibbitz. You can quite literally personalize these to be Crocs made directly for you. Does it get any better?

Crocs’ Classic Lined Clogs have a perfect rating on Amazon with almost 50,000 reviews total. That’s how much folks love ’em. If you’re a fan of Crocs, we’re certain you’ll love them just as much. You can get your very own pair of fur-lined Crocs on Amazon and the Crocs website for just under $60. And to make it even better, some sizes and colors are even on sale on Amazon. Is yours?