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This Adhesive Phone Wallet Is More Than What Meets the Eye

* Handy wallet pouch helps keep essentials close
* Able to hold three cards, some cash and an ID
* Includes RFID blocking to protect your credit cards

If you’re the type who likes to keep their pockets free of too much clutter…if you’ve had enough of that wallet that’s overstuffed…if you want just one carry-along to worry about when you leave the house…you’ll probably dig the Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet. This slim, sleek case minimizes your must-haves so you can move through your day easy breezy.

Basically, it’s like a little wallet pouch that adheres to the back of your phone. But, oh, what a pouch it is! It’s made of a durable lycra material that stretches to hold all the items you need to bring and makes them easy to retrieve. Size-wise, it’s good for holding two to three cards, a bit of cash, an ID. Just the essentials. Because that’s all you need.

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The Gecko sticks right on to virtually every phone or phone case. And even with it packed, it still makes a sleek, slim, silhouette that slides easily in and out of pockets or purses. It also has a built-in safety strap so you never have to worry about your items slipping out of it.

And, the pocket is deep enough that your cards and cash never stick out. And, here’s where it really gets cool: It has built-in RFID Blocking, so criminals can’t electronically swipe your private information.


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