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Every Guy Needs Some Gingham: The Button Down Collar Dress Shirt From Todd Snyder New York

* Gingham plaid is a refreshing break from solids and stripes
* Tailored construction offers a slim fit with easy motion
* Made in the USA with premium cotton

When it comes to dress shirts, many men stick to solids and stripes, rarely venturing into plaids. While it’s true that plaid is often reserved for flannels and other low brow designs, it’s important not to be overly rigid in your approach. Case in point: Todd Snyder’s Button Down Collar Dress Shirt in Blue Gingham.

Crafted from premium cotton in a slim fitting profile, this button down features a back yoke for easy motion and a narrow midsection that won’t make you look bulky. The gingham pattern is also incredibly easy to wear – a step up from basic blue but not too loud or overly distracting. Wearing gingham also shows that you understand the subtleties of style and that you appreciate the fine details of a well-made shirt.

The button down collar secures the knot of your tie, ensuring that it won’t slide into sloppiness right before a big meeting. Mitered construction at the adjustable button cuffs adds subtle flair that won’t go unnoticed.

Wear this shirt under a solid blazer with a contrasting silk or wool tie to get the most out of the color and texture. On business casual days, lose the jacket and neck gear for a pair of dressy jeans and suede boots. Inspired by traditional American office wear and made in the USA for the modern professional, this shirt is a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

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