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Add Some Flower Power to Your Wardrobe With This Givenchy Cap

* A cap from famed French fashion house Givenchy
* Cotton lined for your comfort
* Made in Italy

If there ever was a fashion house to put out a simple snapback cap today, it would undoubtedly be Givenchy. With Riccardo Tisci behind the creative wheel it seems anything is possible, and this logo hat with embroidered flowers is proof of that.

While the Italian designer hasn’t dedicated a collection to a floral motif since 2014 for Givenchy, his unabashed love for floral prints have been popping up elsewhere. Most notably was his recent collaboration with Nike’s NikeLab last summer ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio. Released in two separate capsule collections, one of the two “NikeLab x RT: Training Redefined” collections featured a mixture of floral and kaleidoscope prints, which highlighted flowers native to Oregon, Nike’s home base; Taranto, Italy, Tisci’s home; and Rio de Janeiro, site of the Games last year.

So it goes without saying that the man does love floral. Which is why this particular snapback couldn’t be anything but Givenchy. Well, aside from the fact that it also says so on the front. Flip the black cap around to reveal a crown of colorful flowers embroidered just around the snap closure.

Whichever way you decide to wear this cap—and there is no wrong way—everything will seemingly come up roses. Or whatever these particular flowers happen to be.

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