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Golden Globes, Golden Wrists: 4 Ways to Get the Latest Red Carpet Jewelry Trend

With awards season just around the corner, the style savvy have their eyes on the red carpet to scope out all the award-winning looks. With the Golden Globe Awards having just taken place, Women’s Wear Daily has already called out the accessories trend of the upcoming awards season: gold bracelets.

Actress Amy Adams was spotted wearing one to the Governor’s Awards in Los Angeles recently, and you can be sure the trend will continue in the weeks to come. Want to get this celeb-approved look? We’ve spotted four options that are as easy to style as they are to slip on.

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Cutouts make everything cuter. Channel your inner golden goddess with this elegant design.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_8832" align="aligncenter" width="300"]AMAZON: Modern Statement Cuff Your style carries weight, and so should your bracelet. Modern geometric design is delivered in the form of this gold-plated brass cuff.[/caption]

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You’ll find plenty of use for this vintage-inspired, 14 kt. gold-plated stunner. Wear it with your red carpet dress and strappy heels, or use it to class up a sweater and jeans for a nice night out.[/caption]

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Double down on golden style with this sweet selection from Topshop. Two is always better than one, plus the well-made metal material is built to last.[/caption]

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