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The Best Gold Chains for Men To Wear in 2022

Gold chains are synonymous with style and being cool. They somehow perfectly straddle the worlds of elegant and effortless style. So if you’re looking for an upgrade to your current look, we highly recommend a gold chain.

These chains are characterized by their typically simple design that allows for them to mesh well with any outfit you’re wearing that day. They are usually made out of real gold but are also offered in options that are more price-conscious (typically made with zirconia and stainless steel).

Gold chains have been aligned with old men and granddads in the past, due to their shiny and gaudy appearance, but they’re making a comeback in a more minimal and stylish way.


The Best Places To Buy Gold Chains for Men Online

There are a few retailers we recommend checking when shopping for gold chains online. The destination you choose is entirely dependent on your price range, as different retailers specialize in different qualities of jewelry for men. If you’re looking for a genuine gold chain, then stick with trusted retailers, well-known jewelry stores and department stores. However, you can find stylish gold-tone necklaces for men for well under $50 at retailers such as Amazon.

If you’re searching for the best gold chains for men, then here is where we would start:

  • Amazon: If you want to spend $10-$75 on a gold chain, then Amazon has a wide range of styles, although don’t expect to find genuine gold.
  • Mister: Mister is an independent jewelry store that makes trendy and stylish jewelry for men, women and gender-neutral customers. Most of their jewelry is in the $30-$100 price range.
  • Jewelry Stores: If you want to spend $100-$500 on a gold chain, then jewelry stores such as Zales, Jareds and Helzberg Diamonds have a great selection. You can find genuine gold jewelry as well as gold-plated jewelry at these types of retailers.
  • Department Stores: If you want to spend $400-$10,000 on real gold chains, then we recommend shopping at department stores such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue. The latter option has an especially huge selection of gold chains for men.

How To Style a Gold Chain

Think in Black and White

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Gold chains are a simple closet essential that pair well with just about anything, but these necklaces really pop when worn against certain colors. SPY’s style editors believe that gold chains look especially stylish when worth with white, black or grey t-shirts and sweaters. For instance, simply throw on a gold chain with a white t-shirt and jeans for an elevated yet casual look, and for a more dressy look, wear one with a button-down and slacks for a chic and sleek look.

Layer Gold Chains Together

When it comes to wearing jewelry, layering is an essential tip that never goes out of style. Pair a wider, shorter chain with a longer, skinnier chain for a look that plays with proportions and contrasts. Or, maybe wear a lot of gold chains with varying sizes and dimensions at one time with a slightly unbuttoned button-down — you may look like a rock star from the 80s, but like, that’s totally “in” right now, just take a scroll on Instagram for proof.

Keep It Simple With Pendants

If you’re wearing a charm or pendant, then we recommend keeping it simple and choosing something that’s meaningful to you, such as a cross or saint’s medallion.

Chain-Links Are In

In 2022, bold and thick chains are especially popular, and chain-link-style necklaces and bracelets are all over the runways. However, you should pick a style that speaks to your personality, and Cuban-style and Figaro chains are also popular right now.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best gold chains for men you can buy online right now. Check them out and find the piece of jewelry that will make your eyes, and outfits, twinkle.


1. 14K Gold Over Silver Chain Cuban Necklace


We’ve shared this shopping tip with SPY readers before, and we’ll share it again here. You can find truly shocking discounts on gold and diamond jewelry at JCPenney. It may not be your first thought when shopping for stylish accessories, but trust us when we say this department store has incredible deals on jewelry. Just check out this 14K Gold Chain Necklace, with yellow gold over silver and a stylish Cuban chain.

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2. Mister Ether Chain Necklace


We previously covered Mister jewelry in our guide to the best dangle earrings for men, and this modern jewelry brand is making fashion-forward jewelry for men, especially young men in the Gen Z cohort. For guys looking for a genuine gold necklace, we have some more expensive options for you below. For everyone else, this is a great starter piece that would also be a great gift.

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Courtesy of Mister

3. Men’s Figaro Link Chain 14K Yellow Gold 20″


This option from Kay Jewelers is a little pricey, but the quality is worth the price. It features a mix of medium and long oval shapes links that gives the chain a distinct and sleek look. It also features a lobster clasp and has a polished finish. Also, the 14k gold isn’t a bad touch either. If you like this style but are looking for something a little more substantial, then Saks Fifth Avenue has a similar Figaro Link Chain Gold Necklace for sale as well.

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Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

4. ChainsPro Men Chunky Cuban Chain Necklace


Unless you’re buying a genuine gold chain (and you’ll find a few on this list), then you don’t actually need to spend very much money to get a good-looking chain. This Cuban-style chain necklace for men comes in a variety of sizes and styles, all of which feature a durable lobster clasp. These chains have more than 17,000 ratings from Amazon customers, which makes it one of the most popular options available at the mega retailer.

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Courtesy of Amazon

5. Rope Chain In 14k Rose Gold, 18″


A slim chain option comes from Helzberg Diamonds and comes in a fashionable color. It is in a rope design and comes in 14k rose gold. It features a spring-ring clasp and is 18″ long. This chain is one of the more affordable options on this list sitting at $169.99.

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Kay Jewelers

6. Cuban Link 22″ Chain in Yellow IP plated Stainless Steel


Although this chain looks like it’s real gold, it’s actually stainless steel and plated with a gold-like resin. It has a lobster clasp and comes in three colors. It is 22″ long and is a good length to lay at a low enough spot to see the chain without being too low. This necklace also comes with a warranty from Macy’s that guarantees that your product gets fixed if need be.

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7. Bloomingdale’s Diamond Cut Rope Chain Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold


This gold chain for men boasts a diamond cut and will definitely catch a few eyes. Crafted from 14k yellow gold, this rope chain is an efficient and sleek option that isn’t too gaudy. It comes from Bloomingdale’s and is a simple option that’s timeless and effortless.

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8. Men’s Franco Snake Chain Necklace in Stainless Steel with Yellow Ion-Plate – 24″


This snake chain from Zales is an affordable option that offers a little something extra. Thanks to the snake chain link design, the chain looks a little heavier and more fashion-forward. It’s essentially a stainless steel chain with a yellow ion-plating on top. It clocks in at 24″ long and has a lobster clasp for easy accessibility.

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9. David Yurman 18K Yellow Gold Box Chain Necklace


David Yurman is known for creating luxury pieces of jewelry that not only look nice but feel nice as well. This Yellow Gold Box Chain has a lobster clasp and uses 18k yellow gold as its main enticing factor. The links on this chain are square-shaped, which is really different compared to other options on the list. Although this necklace is one of the pricier options on the list, it’s for a good reason.

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Saks Fifth Avenue

10. Men’s Mariner Chain Necklace in 10K Gold – 20″


The Marnier links on this chain are appealing and will definitely help any outfit stand out. It’s made out of 10k gold and is 20″ long for a perfectly polished look. It has a heavy look that will add a little bit of flash to an outfit if you’re looking for that.

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11. Men’s Franco Chain In 14k Yellow Gold, 22″


This snake chain from Zales is luxurious and has a good look to it. It is 22″ long and has a 6.10-gram weight. It has a lobster clasp and a box design that’s easy and breezy. The biggest feature of this chain is that it’s made with 14k gold and looks like it too.

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12. Men’s Curb Chain Necklace Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel


This option is a stainless steel curb chain with gold ion-plating that looks very real. It’s one of the more affordable options on our list and it packs a punch like the pricier options on our list. It has a classic yet casual feel and will definitely relax a look or dress it up, depending on your style.

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13. Balenciaga Gold Chain Nameplate Necklace


This Balenciaga necklace is for sale via Saks Fifth Avenue, which is one of the best places to buy gold chains for men online. This particular chain isn’t made with real gold, but rather gold-tone metal. However, the “Balenciaga” nameplate will add designer flair to any outfit, which is worth at least as much as gold.

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Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Updates: This article was last updated on July 27, at which time we selected a new “Best Overall” selection, the 14K Gold Over Silver Cuban Chain Necklace from JCPenney. We also removed a 14k Rose Gold Chain Necklace from Saks Fifth Avenue because it was no longer available.


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