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Create Simple Elegance With This Dainty 18k Gold Choker Necklace

* 18k gold plated
* Adjustable length complete with a ring clasp
* 11.75-13.75 inches in length

With a minimal design and high-quality material, this necklace makes a flattering, sophisticated spin on the choker trend. Add the Gorjana Mika Gold Choker Necklace to your jewelry collection today for a simple, everyday accessory that elevates every outfit.

Chokers have come a long way from nostalgic black bands with creative patterns. These days, delicate chokers are all the rage. This Gorjana necklace is a perfect example. With an adjustable length, this choker can fit super snug next to your neck or a little loose so it falls a few inches above your collar bone. Ideal for layering necklaces together or as a standalone piece, it falls loosely on your neck for an ethereal effect.

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Starting from humble beginnings of knitting sweaters with her grandmother in Yugoslavia, Gorjana Reidel has grown into an iconic accessories designer. After launching her eponymous line in 2004, the jewelry collection has garnered A-list customers, including the likes of Sienna Miller and Cindy Crawford. For her artful exquisiteness with tasteful designs, her classic accessories enhance any outfit with impeccable class. Invest in this delicate triangle necklace now for a petite choker that will last all season long.

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