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Ecco Performance Golf Shoes Deliver Grip and Comfort

* Signature Boa closure for ultimate comfort
* Water-resistant uppers
* Spike-like grip for all kinds of course surfaces

These high-performance golf shoes from Ecco, one of top names in golf gear and athletic footwear, are distinguished by their comfort and breathability. Water-resistant and offering great grip as well, the men’s Cage Pro Boa golf shoe is the latest in a highly regarded series of professional quality golf footwear from Ecco. This hybrid-style shoe offers the best of both worlds, with spike-like grip and all-weather construction, and it’ll serve you well on and off the course too.

The hydromax leather uppers are water-resistant and shaped to help support your stance without causing walking fatigue. A proprietary direct-injected stability cage helps these golf shoes maintain their shape without pinching, and a removable insole makes them suitable for feet of different widths.

The Ecco Pro Boa shoes are pleasingly lightweight and have a running-shoe like bounce when worn on the golf course. At the same time, their specially-designed tread provides outstanding grip. Designed to mimic spike treads while distributing the load evenly and reducing fatigue, Ecco’s speed-grip makes it easy to find your footing on the course, whether you’re teeing off or trying to sink a putt on the green.

These shoes also have a well-made, timeless feel, thanks to Ecco’s use of responsibly sourced genuine leather and their high production standards.

Founded in Denmark in 1963, Ecco has been one of the world’s favorite premium walking shoe brands, and with their renowned Boa closure system, are leaders in the world of golf shoes as well. These Cage Pro hybrid shoes are a great all-rounder, at home on all different course conditions.

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