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Give A Grad a Gift She Won’t Forget

* Give an inspirational bracelet to your favorite grad
* Made of pure aluminum & hypoallergenic
* Hand-crafted in Canada

Graduation is one of the most significant moments in many people’s lives, and it’s a moment that deserves to be marked by something special. Looking for that perfect gift can be hard though, which is why we here at SPY have found something that’s both unique and inspirational.

This handmade cuff bracelet is engraved with the inspirational phrase “She believed she could, so she did,” in a feminine, cursive font. It’s made of pure aluminum, so it is both hypoallergenic and tarnish-free. This custom cuff bracelet is also available in copper or brass for a rose gold or gold tone. Each bracelet measures 1/4″ (6 mm) wide x 6″ long, and is sized to fit most average wrist sizes. This simple bracelet will serve as not only a visual reminder of her hard-earned accomplishments, but it will also let her know just how proud you are of her every time she wears it. While gifting grads with cash, gift cards, electronics, or books has become the norm, a personalized gift with an inspiring message is a much more appropriate option to celebrate such a pivotal life event.

Show your favorite grad just how much you care with this special cuff bracelet that will keep her inspired as she take her next steps post-graduation.

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