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Review: The Grant Stone Diesel Boots Walk the Walk — Do They Talk the Talk?

Colder months mean one thing: boot season. Whether you’re looking for Chelsea boots or motorcycle boots, there’s just something chic and stylish about donning a pair of the best men’s boots. Does Justin Theroux even own a pair of sneakers? Probably not. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t though — because you’re definitely not as cool as Theroux. But if you wanted to get a little closer to that level, you might consider the Grant Stone Diesel Boot as your next addition.

Just as you have dressier sneakers and a pair that’s great for workouts, not all men’s boots are made the same. You’re not wearing your trusty Timberlands out to a nice meal or with a suit, right? And likewise, you wouldn’t subject a more refined pair of boots to fight the brutal winter slush.

Recently, we stepped into a pair of Grant Stone Diesel Boots to test drive them for comfort, durability, and versatility. And while they didn’t magically turn us into Justin Theroux for this review, we’re still counting them in as a solid option.

Courtesy of Grant Stone


  • Quality leather
  • A great initial fit (with some research)
  • Thick laces
  • Strong support
  • Quiet


  • Little traction
  • Runs a half-size large
  • It’s a very round boot

Grant Stone Boots and the Goodyear Welt

Co-founded in 2016 by Wyatt Gilmore, Grant Stone utilizes Gilmore’s years of experience working with Goodyear-welt footwear.

”We’re using these components and these materials and this is the price,” Gilmore said, of the $380-plus price tag for a pair of Grant Stone boots. “It’s not cheap, but it’s also not $600, $700.”

And as fans of detail, Grant Stone is a mecca for collectors looking for something special, whether it’s Minerva or kudu leather. “People like patina leathers and to watch them change,” Gilmore adds. “So it’s finding those little nuances in terms of differences and offering it where it can’t be offered elsewhere.”

Reviewed: Grant Stone Diesel Boot

Mark Peikert | SPY

The Grant Stone Diesel Boot is a traditional plain-toe boot, and this model features the brand’s Micro Stud Rubber Sole, added for better traction than the standard leather sole. Made from Horween-tanned cow leather, this boot features a full leather lining, cork filling with a stable steel shank, and brass metal details.

In a new bar, I always order the signature cocktail to get a sense of the baseline. And so it was with Grant Stone, from whom I asked for and received a pair of the Diesel Boot Black Chromexcel Rubber Sole. Read more below about how they can do the same for you.

Grant Stone Diesel Boots: Features We Love

To find a pair of boots that need no breaking in whatsoever is a blessing, and Grant Stone slid right on like a glass slipper that was set to free us from a life of servitude and cinders.

Likewise, the design of it, hearty and masculine and sexy, just makes you happy, whether they’re in your closet or on your feet. The shape, however, is more round than this reviewer generally wears; as a tall, slim man, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was wearing clown shoes. But assured by enough friends and strangers that it was in my head, I finally relaxed and enjoyed them.

Grant Stone Diesel Boots Fit

The Grant Stone Diesel Boot is available in sizes ranging from men’s 6-13 and also offers medium, wide, and extra-wide widths. That’s pretty incredible, considering many boot makers fail to offer substantial accommodations in the unders sizing and in the width. It can be difficult for some men to find proper-fitting boots, but this brand has seemingly considered that.

The most important thing to know when shopping for Grant Stone boots is that they positively run a half-size large. You’ll definitely want to size down when you order. The good news is that our half-size-down was a perfect fit.

How Did Grant Stone Diesel Boots Perform?

Grant Stone Diesel Boots

Remember shoe shopping in person? Yes, it was a miserable experience for anyone who didn’t like interacting with salespeople and yes, it took forever. But at least you had the chance to ensure the shoes fit without pinching. With a little planning and knowledge, you can also get that same fit online with Grant Stone boots.

The first day wearing them we experienced only a slight tightness at the ankle as we descended the four flights of stairs that led to our apartment. That dissipated within mere minutes, never to return. We then proceeded to stand in a bar for a few hours, during which we experienced none of the foot or back pain that our flat feet often invite from shoes.

And while we appreciated that there wasn’t a great deal of noise as we saunter (yes, we tend to saunter) down the New York City sidewalks, we were disappointed that the boots don’t offer much in the way of traction. That’s never great during the fall when the streets are littered with damp fallen leaves or when the product description boasts that it’s “built to handle all seasons.”

“Traction is a tough one, Gilmore admits. ”If you’re walking into a bank [with leather soles] it’s like an ice skating rink. I think it’s almost impossible to compare Goodyear with a substantial sole on, say, a Vans with a spider [sic] sole. The big upside of a sneaker or something is you can feel everything through that sole. There’s no support, but you’ll have a ton of traction.”

The Verdict: Should You Buy Grant Stone Diesel Boots?

For anyone who values quality materials, the Grant Stone Diesel Boots are immaculately constructed and are the perfect fit. Just beware that these chic boots aren’t ideal footwear for all weather — and if you prefer a narrower boot, the Diesel might not be for you.

the grant stone diesel boot in black with a rubber sole against a wavy white background
Courtesy Grant Stone


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