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A Designer Solution to Bad Hair Days: The Gucci Headband

* The classic Gucci “G” re-imagined in a graphic cube print
* Cut from luxurious pink silk made in Italy
* Concealed elasticized fastening at back for perfect fit

Established in Florence in 1921, Gucci has gone through many transformations. From staid maker of high-quality leather goods, Tom Ford’s milestone brand revival and now with Creative Director Alessandro Michele at the helm, the house has managed to evolve with the times for almost 100 years, quite a feat in the fickle world of fashion. A legacy of glamour, elegance and modernity underpin its status as a bastion of essential Italian fashion.

Its latest iteration under Michele brings a vision of luxury that’s at once romantic, bohemian, baroque and well, highly eclectic. Editors and influencers look to his runway shows as a key indicator of where fashion will next trend. The newest Gucci look or accessory heralds a street style moment worth a thousand Instagram likes.

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While outsized interlocked “Gs,” novel animal motifs and expressive florals may be the Gucci of choice for influencers and high-profile fashion folk, those with more understated sartorial needs can pare back to one bold accessory or two.

The pink logo Gucci headband seen here is a good place to start, stitched from luscious pink silk emblemized with graphic cubed “Gs”. It adds a quick dash of retro flavor to any look, harking back to the 70s heyday of Gucci, and is especially handy in the case of a bad hair day.  The concealed elasticized fastening at the back means no fussing with complicated scarf knots to get the perfect fit and shape. Just throw it on, low on the forehead like Jackie O would, or pushed far back from the hairline for something a bit more Jackie in the Kennedy years.

As a sophisticated solution to uncooperative hair or the finishing touch to a chic look, either way you can’t go wrong with a pop of brightly colored Gucci.

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