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Gywyneth Paltrow Launches New Scent Inspired by Sushi?

* goop collaborated with perfumer Douglas Little on a new fragrance
* The scent is derived from shiso, a Japanese herb
* Inspired by springtime in Japan and ancient woods

Gwyneth Paltrow worked with perfumer Douglas Little on a new fragrance for the brand’s perfume and candle collection. Described as “a perfume of cool air, pale sun [and] new life unfurling on the forest floor,” the new scent is derived from shiso.

But what is shiso, exactly? It’s a Japanese herb from the mint family, seen in both purple and green-leaved versions, and it’s often used by sushi chefs as garnish or a receptacle for wasabi.


“We worked with shiso as a primary scent, which is rare in the perfume world — it is closely hinged to the other notes,” says Paltrow, on the goop website. “It begins simply and then slowly opens up into spicy greens, crushed stems and ancient exotic woods.”

“Working with [Gwyneth] was a revelation,” says Little. “Almost instantly, we were geeking out on fragrance together, pulling out notes, describing scents we loved from the world — a winter forest in Yugoslavia, early spring in Japan, the floorboards of an ancient church.”


Green, earthy and delicate all at once, this complex Shiso eau de parfum is the latest addition to goop’s line of natural fragrances. According to the site, the words “fragrance” and “parfum” can be misleading on cosmetics labels. A scent can contain many ingredients that are not listed on the packaging because they are a trade secret. Since the makers aren’t required to disclose all of their ingredients, consumers often have no idea what they’re putting on their bodies or in their home environments when they use perfumes and scented candles.

“Because of our commitment to clean beauty and transparency, we list every ingredient in our fragrance,” says Paltrow.

All of the ingredients in this new offering were extracted from a plant by steam or heat extraction, cold pressing, or carbon dioxide extraction. They are clean, pure and non-toxic.