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Who Says Gym Bags Can’t be Stylish And Functional?

* Made with a durable 900D ballistic nylon
* Up to 17L of space
* Separate ventilated pocket for shoes or sweaty gym clothes

You might not have ever heard of Aer, a San Francisco-based accessories label, but that’s about to change. If you’ve been lugging around the same old ratty gym bag that clearly looks and maybe even smells like a gym bag, you’re in luck. The Sling Bag from Aer is a stylish and functional bag for all your gym essentials.

There’s a lot to admire about the Sling Bag, like the quick access pocket located on the front of the bag for items like your wallet or phone. Then there’s the capacious, top-loading, main compartment that features several interior mesh pockets and a doubly secure zipper and buckle closure. If that weren’t enough, the ventilated shoe pocket is a huge boon, which will accommodate shoes up to a men’s size 12. Better yet, it’s lined with a water-resistant polyester to keep the funk that inevitably accumulates from pumping iron at bay.

Other notable attributes of the Aer Sling Bag include an adjustable sling strap and removable shoulder pad for maximum comfort. Size-wise you’re looking at up to 17L worth of gear at just under one pound in total weight. On the durability front, Aer used a 900D weathered polyester that’s more commonly referred to as “ballistic” nylon. Aer rounds out the Sling Bag with YKK zippers and Duraflex plastic hardware.

With good looks and clearly purpose-built, we don’t think there’s a better gym bag out there right now than Aer’s Sling Bag.

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