Grub Getups: 14 Best Food-Themed Halloween Costumes for Adults

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Still trying to figure out what to be for Halloween? Why not get inspired by your favorite dish? SPY has found an array of wacky, food-themed Halloween costumes that are easy to wear, but hard to say goodbye to. Wear these on your own, or get a bunch of friends together for a fast food-themed group getup.

These food-inspired getups won’t just people in side-splitting laughter — they’ll have mouths watering and get some cravings going. Celebrate your favorite food or go with the most outrageous option possible.

All of these looks are instantly recognizable and easy to wear, with pull-over styles that you can wear over any clothes. If you’re looking for a quirky solution for couples, group, and solo costumes, these food-themed Halloween costumes have your back.


1. Fun World Avocado & Toast Adult

Everyone knows that avocado toast is always a foolproof breakfast option. It’s an equally solid food costume choice. You and a person of your choice can proudly rock this delicious healthy fat and perfectly toasted carbohydrate that were obviously made for each other. Add on a fried egg and you’ll have yourself a whole brunch-themed look. They’re easy-to-wear foam tunics, making this one of the most low-maintenance Halloween costumes you can buy.

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Fun World Avocado & Toast Adult Courtesy of Target

2. Rasta Imposta Men’s Pickle

This pickle is a hilarious food-themed Halloween costume all on its own, and ideal if If you have a good sense of humor and would prefer to make people laugh rather than scaring them. It’s impossible not to be the life of the party in this look, which also makes a top-notch Pickle Rick costume for Rick and Morty fans. As one reviewer puts it, “Getting drunk in a pickle costume is now off my bucket list.”

Rasta Imposta Men's Pickle Courtesy of Amazon

3. Adult Taco Halloween Costume

For many of us, tacos are more than food — they’re a religion. This food costume celebrates that belief. It has ruffled lettuce that’s more realistic than other taco costumes, providing more of a 3D feel. Whether you want to dress up like Taco Bell or Taco Tuesday, this one-piece look will get it done fast. Also, a great last-minute buy for costume parties. Just pair with black jeans and a long-sleeved black shirt.

Adult Taco Halloween Costume Courtesy of Target

4. Freakin’ Hot Cheesies Halloween Costume

Basic food items are one thing, but why not dress up like a bag of flaming hot treats? While they’re not Cheetos, they are Cheesies, self-described as “freakin’ hot.” The double-sided spicy snack poncho can be worn over regular clothes and is guaranteed to be a hit. Buyers describe it as comfortable to wear, and a “great conversation starter.” Plus, the facts and notes written on it are sure to bring some chuckles.

Freakin' Hot Cheesies Halloween Costume Courtesy of Amazon

5. Rasta Imposta Chinese Take Out Adult Costume

If you think there’s nothing more comforting than a tin of Chinese takeout, consider this funny costume that lets you dress up like lo mein in an old-school takeout container, with your head popping out of the noodles. Some might find that the fabric isn’t thick enough to hold shape, but if you have this issue, consider enforcing the top corners with wire hangers, like one Amazon reviewer did, sewing the rods from the hangers into the top portion of the costume.

Rasta Imposta Chinese Take Out Adult Costume Courtesy of Amazon

6. Silver Lilly Pineapple Costume

For a playful food costume that’s as comfortable as it is entertaining, opt for this cozy pineapple onesie, with an adorable pineapple crown on the hood. Another perk? They can be worn as pajamas when it’s not Halloween. Available in all sizes from XS to XL, there’s a band at the ankle so your pants don’t drag or cover your shoes. One buyer says, “The green part at the top is lightweight and the hood doesn’t pull at my neck.”

Rasta Imposta Chinese Take Out Adult Costume Courtesy of Amazon

7. Adult PB&J Halloween Costume One Size

Everybody knows that you can’t have peanut butter without the jelly — the two are the ultimate match made in heaven, and you can wear this look with your perfect match as a symbol of that dreamy harmony. Every time you hug, it’ll be sandwich-making magic. As if these food-themed costumes couldn’t get any better, written on the backs of the tunics are punny phrases like “let’s get nutty” and “it’s sweeter with jelly.”

Adult PB&J Halloween Costume One Size Courtesy of Target

8. Fun World S’mores Adult Costume (Trio)

If you need a costume for three, don’t overthink it and buy this s’mores Halloween costume — you know you’re craving it. No one can turn down this campfire classic, which has three essential ingredients. The melted chocolate, the gooey, charred marshmallow, and the crunch of the graham cracker. Of course, there are DIY costumes that sandwich all these ingredients in one, but you can’t truly celebrate the deliciousness of each layer without paying homage to each component. Ideal for a group or family costume.

Fun World S'mores Adult Costume (Trio) Courtesy of Target

9. Spooktacular Creations Banana Costume

This can be added to the PB & J food costume, or worn on its own. It even has a fully peel-able top, made by zipping down the top in four places! The foam-like material is comfortable over bare skin, and the material is molded well enough that it holds its shape and doesn’t look like a limp banana. If you want to make the bottom stand out with more of a curve, add some stuffing and wire for a totally a-peel-ing choice!

Spooktacular Creations Banana Costume Courtesy of Amazon

10. Rubie’s Burger Adult Halloween Costume

This vibrant food Halloween costume comes complete with all the fixings — even a slice of cheese! If you need a fast costume without the hassle that won’t suffocate you, this roomy option is a good bet. Wherever you walk around this Halloween, you’ll have people craving a burger in no time at all. You can also recreate this look in a DIY project with colored felt and decked-out toppings. Don’t be afraid to get creative — we’re talking caramelized onions and garlic aioli!

Rubie’s Burger Adult Halloween Costume Courtesy of Walmart

11. Rasta Imposta Lightweight Hot Dog Costume

If you’re going to look like a wiener, you might as well do it in style. Profess your love of frankfurters with this vertical hot dog costume that reaches to around the knees and comes complete with a ribbon of mustard. After all, what’s a dog without your favorite condiment? If you’re not really a hamburger or fries guy, this is your best bet. Pro tip: plump out the buns even more by stuffing them with newspaper.

Rasta Imposta Lightweight Hot Dog Costume Courtesy of Amazon

12. Forum Men’s Milk Costume

Don’t limit yourself to fast food items this Halloween — dress up as something wholesome and nutritious, like this classic milk carton which is also available in child size. The pullover food Halloween costume works great if you’re heading straight to a Halloween party after work — just store it in your car, and throw it over your clothes after work. Some buyers note that the costume does come folded in half, so make sure that you leave time to let it air out and retain more of a boxy shape.

Forum Men's Milk Costume Courtesy of Amazon

13. Forum Novelties Pizza Adult Costume

Ah, pizza. Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike always crave a slice, so why not celebrate the delicious dish in a one-size-fits-all pizza slice costume? It slips easily over your clothes, and you can choose your own accessories — what color goes best with pepperoni? Just looking at this costume makes us hungry. One Amazon reviewer says, “It also handles spills very well so don’t be afraid to get messy.”

Forum Novelties Pizza Adult Costume Courtesy of Amazon

14. Rasta Imposta French Fries Costume

Planning a group or couple’s food costume? French fries are a great accompaniment to any meal — whether eating or wearing it. This outfit can be made into a duet easily with a burger, slice of pizza, or any other fast food. If you have a pet, we highly recommend dressing them up as the second fast food look. This look can easily be layered over long sleeves and pants or leggings. It’s the perfect blend of hilarious, comfortable, and adorable.

Rasta Imposta French Fries Costume Courtesy of Amazon

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