Win Halloween Year After Year With the Top Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Halloween costumes 2020
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If you love dressing up, it’s never too early to start planning your next Halloween costume. Halloween is the one night of the year you can step out of your house looking as cool, scary, kooky or ridiculous as you want. And the best part is that people won’t question your sanity no matter what you wear. With this in mind, Halloween is a great opportunity to simply enjoy yourself in an outfit that makes you feel good.

When it comes to choosing a costume, there’s plenty of scope. Amazon always has a solid range of costume options for either last-minute fixes, scary picks, or elaborate, well-planned combinations. 

Editor’s Note: Ordering online? Since Halloween is fast approaching, you’ll want to look for costumes that are available via Amazon Prime. 

Men's Halloween Costumes on Amazon Prime


The Top Halloween Costume Ideas of 2020 for Men

Before we dive into the slew of Halloween costumes for men, as the big day gets closer and those Zoom Halloween party evites start rolling in, let’s cover the top Halloween costume ideas for men in 2020.

The most popular costume ideas of 2020 for men include:

  • Bill & Ted
  • Bob Ross
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • David Rose from Schitt’s Creek
  • Michael Myers from Halloween
  • Joe Biden
  • Borat
  • Viral TikTok Star
  • Tiger King
  • Inflatable Dinosaur
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Inflatable Costume
  • Pickle Rick!

We’ve also got 50+ more Halloween costumes for men below the jump if one of the top picks doesn’t tickle your skeleton bone.


1. Bill & Ted

In honor of the latest Bill & Ted movie, why not go as the iconic duo from the Keanu Reeves cult classic. Of course, you can rock one of the costumes solo, but if you’ve got a partner in crime, it’s all the better.

Best Halloween Costumes Bill and Ted Image courtesy of Amazon

Best Halloween Costume Bill and Ted Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Dr. Anthony Fauci

Since there is no official Dr. Fauci costume (yet), pair this set with a suit and tie and you’ll be good to go. The three-piece kit comes with a gray wig, glasses, and a mustache. Now, you won’t need the ‘stache to pull off a Dr. Fauci look, but you can always keep it for later costumes.

Best Halloween Costumes for Men Dr Fauci Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Schitt’s Creek

Ew, David. The hilarious series has taken the world by storm and has garnered quite the cult following (not to mention, it slayed at the Emmys this year — taking home a historic number of trophies). And it’s no wonder because the characters are so memorable. To transform into the show’s lead, David Rose (played by Dan Levy), you’ll simply need the following:

Halloween costume Schitts Creek sunglasses Image courtesy of Amazon

Halloween costume David rose wig Image courtesy of Amazon

Halloween costume schitts creek Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Michael Myers

The slasher from all the Halloween movies has become a modern classic, and with Halloween Kills set to slash into theaters in 2021, it’s as relevant as ever. So what do you need to pull off one of the most iconic horror villains in cinematic history? Not much. Just the infamous mask and a navy coverall.

Halloween costumes for men Michael Myers Image courtesy of Amazon

Halloween costume Michael Myers Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Joe Biden

Slip this latex mask on, don a suit and tie, and you’ll look like the presidential candidate in no time.

Halloween costume Joe Biden Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Borat

The long-awaited Borat sequel premiered on Amazon Prime on October 23, and so the character is once again a hot commodity this Halloween. The most iconic Borat option is, naturally, the green thong bathing suit. You can always rock a nude bodysuit underneath if you’re looking to cover up a little more. But don’t forget the wig and ‘stache to pull the whole look together. Of course, what really makes this popular Halloween costume work, or not, is the accent.

borat costume Image courtesy of Amazon

Borat wig Image courtesy of Amazon


7. “I’m Pickle Rick!” Costume

If you don’t understand this reference, then you aren’t a fan of Rick & Morty, the uber-popular Adult Swim cartoon about Rick Sanchez, a reckless mad scientist, and the sci-fi adventures he has with his grandson Morty. If you want a Pickle Rick costume of your very own, then this is what you need.

pickle rick costume Courtesy of Amazon


8. Tiger King

We predict that this will be the Halloween of the Tiger King. This kit comes with all the accessories you’ll need to pull off Joe Exotic from the Netflix hit docuseries, including a blonde mullet wig, necklace, mustache, and earrings. Also, don’t forget to add a sequined top for good measure.

tiger king Joe exotic costume Image courtesy of Amazon

tiger king shirt Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Rubie’s Official Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Undoubtedly one of the most popular costumes is the inflatable dinosaur. You’ve likely seen them before on YouTube, at a theme park or just walking down the street. These costumes are everywhere and here to stay. This Rubie’s Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume lets you take on the shape of your favorite dinosaur with choices including the tyrannosaurus-rex, pteranodon, triceratops and, of course, the velociraptor. If you’re heading out with friends, why not make a heard and chase down some unsuspecting prey?

inflatable t-rex halloween costume Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Spirit Halloween Bob Ross Costume

What do you need to make an awesome Bob Ross costume? This Bob Ross costume kit has everything you need (except the dad jeans) to rock one of the top Halloween costumes of 2020. You’l receive the beard and wig, a button-up shirt and a baintbrush. Even better, this is easy to turn into a couple’s costume. All you need is a painted canvas costume for your partner.

top halloween costumes for men 2020 Courtesy of Amazon


11. Spongebob Squarepants Costume for Adults

Spongebob Squarepants has become one of the most beloved pop-culture figures of the 21st century, with an appeal that truly spans generations. This year, go as everyone’s favorite pineapple-dwelling sea creature. Rubie’s, the same company that makes the popular inflatable dinosaur, also makes an inflatable Spongebob Squarepants costume for adults.

top halloween costume ideas for men in 2020 Courtesy of Amazon


12. Viral TikTok Star

It’s hard to keep up with the trends on TikTok because they come and go like the weather. But these accessories embody the most popular fashion trends on TikTok in 2020.

Halloween Costume TikTok Image courtesy of Amazon

Halloween costume for men Image courtesy of Amazon
Halloween costume LED Light up glasses Image courtesy of Amazon


Honorable Mention: TOLOCO Inflatable Dinosaur T-REX Costume

When you show up to the Halloween part riding a tyrannosaurus rex, you know you’re going to get some compliments. This classic Halloween costume for men is always a winner, and the inflatable costume offers a fun twist on your typical Party City fare. Available via Amazon Prime, you can order this days before Halloween and still have a costume.

top halloween costume ideas for men in 2020 Courtesy of Amazon

More Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

If none of those options piqued your interest, we’ve put together an entire list of Halloween costume ideas for men that will conquer your party (or Zoom costume bash). To be honest, turning up in one of these solid choices will win you plenty of praise and attention. On top of that, a number of these options are ideal for creating couples or group costumes for a more coordinated approach.

Take a look at these Halloween costume ideas for men and find the one you think will set you apart this All Hallows Eve.


1. Candyman

With a new Candyman set to scare audiences in theaters sometime next year, the titular horror character will make for a fresh Halloween costume choice.

Halloween candyman costume prop hook Image courtesy of Amazon

Candyman halloween costume Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Knives Out

Chris Evans pretty much broke the internet with the white sweater that he wore in the 2019 hit movie Knives Out. This will be the first Halloween season since the movie’s release, so hop on board the Evans express with this white sweater get-up.

Halloween costume knives out mens sweater Image courtesy of Amazon


3. The Invisible Man

One of the most popular horror movies of the year, The Invisible Man, is a hard costume to pull off because he’s, well, invisible. This set comes with a wrapped-face mask, a top hat, a trench coat, a tee-shirt, and sunglasses. A variation of this look is briefly seen in the 2020 version of The Invisible Man, but this costume pays great homage to the original 1933 film.

Halloween costume for men Invisible man Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Wrth Alien Facehugger Face Mask

This realistic leather mask is the perfect Halloween costume to conceal your actual face mask. The eco-friendly craftsmanship provides one-size-fits all and will bring all the Alien nightmares to life.

Halloween costume for men Alien face mask Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Medical Doctor Surgeon Costume

For a lot of people, there are few things scarier than going to the doctor. So turning up in this Forum Novelties Men’s Medical Doctor Surgeon Costume is sure to put the fear into plenty of other party guests, especially if you pair the included cap, gown and mask with a blood-covered butcher’s knife. The costume is made from 100% polyester and works well as part of a couple’s costume with another hospital-related outfit.

halloween costumes for men forum novelties Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Harry Potter Adult Voldemort Costume

While so many people stick to the main three characters, why not mix it up this Halloween and take on The Heir of Slytherin with this Harry Potter Adult Voldemort Costume? This USA-made, officially-licensed costume includes Voldemort’s recognizable robe with its large, wizard sleeves and high collar as well as a mask to give you that white, plain-faced appearance. To complete the outfit, add some Voldemort-style gloves and a wand.

halloween costumes for men rubies store Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Ghostbusters Costume With Inflatable Backpack

With Ghostbusters: Afterlife on the horizon, it’s time to get ready for Ghostbuster fever to kick back in. Celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite ghost-busting heroes with this Ghostbusters Costume With Inflatable Backpack. In addition to being topical, this officially licensed costume is quick and easy, making it a great last-minute costume choice, too. Inside the pack, you’ll find a 100% polyester printed jumpsuit with a zipper closure as well as an inflatable proton backpack.

halloween costumes for men rubies store Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Brave Men’s Roman Gladiator Costume

If your favorite film is Gladiator or 300 or you simply love Roman history, this Spooktacular Creations Brave Men’s Roman Gladiator Costume is for you. It’s a comprehensive outfit and boasts body armor with an attached cape, shoulder guards, wrist guards, pin-on medallions and leg guards. To complete the outfit, you’ll want to add a sword and shield and find some sandals. Plus, it’s easy to make part of a larger group outfit or pair with a Roman princess if you’re in need of a couple’s costume idea.

halloween costumes for men spooktacular creations Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Maxim Party Supplies Adult Astronaut Costume

Given America’s recent return to space, why not celebrate the occasion this Halloween with this Maxim Party Supplies Adult Astronaut Costume? Pair super cool shades with the jumpsuit to complete the spaceman look. The jumpsuit includes a number of high-quality elements, such as a USA Flag, the NASA Logo and a Commander Logo patch. For functionality, you’ll also find two zippered pockets that make storing your phone and other essentials simple.

halloween costumes for men maxim party supplies Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Bodysocks Inflatable Surgeon Lift You Up Costume

If you want a dose of gore in your Halloween outfit this year, consider the Bodysocks Inflatable Surgeon Lift You Up Costume. The smart design of the inflatable outfit makes it look like you’re only half a person being carried by a doctor, with the lower part of your body ripped away. The costume is made from polyester and uses four AA batteries to operate the fan that keeps the costume inflated. Plus, when not in use, this unisex outfit is easily stored for other events or next year.

halloween costumes for men bodyshocks Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Disguise Adult Jack Skellington Costume

We’re not really sure whether Jack Skellington falls into a Christmas or Halloween costume category, or both, but either way, people are sure to love you dressed in this Disguise Adult Jack Skellington Costume. You can’t deny The Pumpkin King’s fun appeal, and in this 100% polyester, officially licensed outfit, which is made up of a jacket, ascot, bowtie and character, you’re sure to turn plenty of heads. To complete this outfit, add a pair of smart black shoes and spend a disproportionate amount of time asking, “What’s this?”

halloween costumes for men disguise store Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Fun World Adult Scream Costume

With Scream 5 currently in production and slated for a January 2022 release date, the Ghostface costume is back in trend. This kit has everything you’ll need to pull off the iconic ’90s slasher, including a robe, mask and belt. This begs the question: “what’s your favorite scary movie?”

Scream halloween costumes for men Image courtesy of Amazon


13. California Costumes Full Moon Madness Costume

Like vampires, Frankenstein and a mummy, werewolves are a timeless choice for a Halloween outfit. What’s great about this California Costumes Men’s Full Moon Madness Costume is that it delivers a mix of classic Halloween style and an impressive amount of scariness, too. This outfit is made up of a plaid shirt with attached faux fur and a motion mask. Simply pair it with some sneakers, jeans, a bad attitude and a tendency to howl, and you’re good to go.

halloween costumes for men california costumes Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Deluxe Batman Costume

No matter whether you’re a Bale man, a West fan or think it peaked with Affleck, there’s never a bad year to dress as The Caped Crusader. Plus, given that Robert Pattinson will soon join the list when The Batman is released, it’s only a matter of time until Batman reaches fever pitch again. In this Adult Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Deluxe Batman Costume, you’ll take control of Ben Affleck’s look which includes a printed jumpsuit with padded muscles, an attached cape, boot tops, gauntlets and a fitted face mask.

halloween costumes for men rubies store Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Disguise Men’s Genie Deluxe Adult Costume

Will Smith brought his own unique style to the part of the genie in Aladdin and you, too, can put your own spin on the character with this Disguise Men’s Genie Deluxe Adult Costume. This officially licensed product includes a turban, a gold belt and a one-piece jumpsuit. For a secure and adjustable fit, the jumpsuit includes a velcro fixture in the back. It’s a great costume idea for couples or groups as others can dress as Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar or any other character from the films.

halloween costumes for men disguise mens Image courtesy of Amazon


16. SIDNOR GOT Night’s King Cosplay Costume

While you may argue that the Night King’s end in the Game of Thrones’ final season fell a bit short of his build-up, you’d have to admit he still remains an iconic character from the series. Given his piercing look, ability to raise the dead and all-around creepy nature, he’s the ideal candidate for a Halloween costume. Slip on this SIDNOR GOT Night’s King Cosplay Costume for a truly convincing look and pair it with this Night King mask for a complete costume which will likely have kids crossing the street to stay away.

halloween costumes for men sidnor Image courtesy of Amazon


17. California Costumes Men’s Voodoo Dude

Cast a curse on Hallow’s Eve with this Voodoo costume. The get-up comes with a jacket and attached vest, a hat with a skeleton decoration, a half mask and skeleton paws.

Men's Voodoo costume Image courtesy of Amazon


18. California Costumes Colonial Costume

Even though this colonial costume will have you looking like you belong in the stage production of Hamilton, the set — which comes with pants, a cravat necktie, black boot covers and a coat — does not include singing chops.

colonial men's costume Image courtesy of Amazon


19. Dreamgirl Men’s King of Egypt Costume

You don’t have to go on an archeological dive at The Great Pyramids to discover this Egyptian royal costume, which includes a headpiece and a shirt, as well as a skirt with an embellished waistband.

king of Egypt costume Image courtesy of Amazon


20. California Costumes Men’s Pumpkin Creature Costume

If you want to go for a scary Halloween costume, this Pumpkin Creature Costume is the perfect way to spice up Halloween. It’s wildly unique and comes with everything you’ll need.

pumpkin creature costume Image courtesy of Amazon


21. Rubie’s Buddy The Elf Costume

Let’s say it together now… ready, 3… 2… 1… GO! “SANTA!” Even though it’s Halloween, you can still ring in the Christmas spirit. The Buddy The Elf costume comes with a tunic top, belt and yellow leggings.

buddy the elf costume Image courtesy of Amazon

22. Spooktacular Creations Rockstar

This one could go a couple of different ways. Sure, it could be considered a rockstar look, but throw on a leather jacket and you’re suddenly a bad-ass biker dude. Plus, with the bandana motif, it’s pandemic-ready.

rockstar costume Image courtesy of Amazon


23. Sexy Lifeguard

What makes this lifeguard costume sexy? That’s really up to you, dude! But with the right confidence, we’re confident you can turn this costume into a real winner. Leave the hoodie at home and show off a little skin, or wear the full ensemble and stand out in the crowd. Plus, since it’s available via Amazon Prime, you can get it in time for Halloween.

lifeguard costume Courtesy of Amazon

24. Scooby-Doo Plush Adult Costume

If you’re looking for something the whole family can partake in, try dressing up as the members of Mystery Inc. With the recent Scooby-Doo flick having hit streaming earlier this year, it’s just as relevant this Halloween.

Best Halloween Costumes Image courtesy of Amazon


25. Men’s German Oktoberfest Costume

Celebrate Halloween in traditional German garb, because if you’re going to drink beer, you might as well do it in good ‘ole Oktoberfest style. The costume comes with a shirt, suspenders, knee socks and an Alpine Hat. The beer stein is not included, although you can find one right here if you’d like the complete the look.

Oktoberfest Costume Image courtesy of Amazon


26. Rubie’s Deadpool Costume

The best part about this Deadpool costume is that it comes with built-in muscles, so you can rock the shredded superhero look without lifting a weight.

Best Halloween Costumes Image courtesy of Amazon


27. Dreamgirl Men’s Disco Costume

Bust out those dance moves like the jivin’ cool cat that you are. The wig isn’t included, so make sure to pick up one of those as well if you want to go for the full-look as pictured.

70s disco costume Image courtesy of Amazon

28. CISSTEV Joker Costume

This high-quality Joker costume looks like it came from a Hollywood production house. The three-piece suit comes with a coat, shirt, pants and vest. Slick back your hair and you’ll be ready for Gotham.

Best Halloween Costumes Image courtesy of Amazon


29. Fun World Men’s 3D Zombie Costume

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a little undead action. This zombie costume covers you from top to bottom and doesn’t leave any gory details.

Men's Zombie costume Image courtesy of Amazon


30. Forum Novelties Men’s Milkman Costume

Gee golly, mister. A 1950’s Milkman’s Costume complete with a hat, shirt, bowtie, pants and belt sure does sound swell.

milkman costume Image courtesy of Amazon


31. Rasta Imposta Men’s Kool Aid Guy Costume

Bust into any Halloween bash as the Kool Aid Guy and you’ll be the life of the party.

Kool aid guy Image courtesy of Amazon


32. California Costumes Storybook Prince Costume

Why be The Bachelor when you can be Prince Charming? This costume comes with the royal jacket, but the devilishly good looks are up to you, big guy.

Prince Charming costume Image courtesy of Amazon


33. California Costumes Men’s Big Foot Costume

Bring the iconic cryptoid to life this Halloween by donning this full-body costume, which includes gloves and some really big feet.

Big Foot Costume Image courtesy of Amazon


34. Eforled 1920s Men’s Gatsby Gangster

It’s officially the ’20s again, so it just makes sense that Gatsby-era costumes and attire make a comeback this Halloween.

Gatsby gangster costume image courtesy of Amazon


35. Eforpretty Yacht Captain & Sailor Costume Set

The great thing about this Eforpretty Yacht Captain & Sailor Costume Set is that it’s quick, it’s fun and it at least looks like you’ve made some effort. Combine the set with a white shirt, smart pants and a nice, shiny pair of black shoes, and you’re really cooking. The set includes a hat, a corncob pipe, a set of aviator sunglasses and a temporary anchor tattoo, so you can be ready to set sail in a matter of minutes with this easy-on, easy-off costume.

sailor hat beard pipe costume set Image courtesy of Amazon


36. Elope Where’s Waldo Adult Costume Kit

Bring everyone’s favorite children’s book character to life with the Elope Where’s Waldo Adult Costume Kit. If you and your friends are heading out on the town, this could turn into a fun hide and seek type game, especially when fueled by alcohol. This kit comes with a red and white striped long-sleeve shirt, a red cap and round, fake glasses. You just need to add a pair of jeans and sneakers.

best halloween costume ideas for men waldo Image courtesy of Amazon


37. California Costumes Robin Hood Costume

If you want a costume that looks amazing yet doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, consider this California Costumes Robin Hood Costume. It comes with everything you need to pull off the Renaissance character but still costs less than $45. The set includes a long-sleeve shirt, a hood, and a vest, as well as gloves, a belt and a pouch with boot covers. All you need to add are a pair of pants, boots and a bow and arrow.

Robin Hood Costume Image courtesy of Amazon


38. Rubie’s Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Costume

The Rubie’s Ghostbusters Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume is another option which never seems to lose it’s Halloween appeal. This costume is a must if your party happens to include terrorizing the streets of New York. Alternatively, it’s a great choice if you just want a fun and friendly costume this Halloween. If you’re heading out with a group of friends, get them to dress as the Ghostbusters and enjoy a night of ghostbusting fun.

inflatable marshmallow man costume from Ghostbusters Image courtesy of Amazon


39. California Costumes Men’s Vampire Costume

Whether it’s born from Interview With a Vampire, the Twilight Series or Bram Stoker’s classic, love for vampires has been a thing for decades and that trend isn’t going anywhere. That’s especially true when vampires look as good as this California Costumes Very Cool Vampire Costume. The high collar shirt and vest combine with a large cape to deliver an outfit fit for both classy and casual occasions. Pair it with jeans and black shoes for a quick and budget-friendly answer to your dress up dilemmas. Add a pair of fangs and a few drops of blood from either corner of the mouth and your outfit is complete.

best halloween costume ideas for men waldo Image courtesy of Amazon


40. Neon Nightlife Men’s Light Up Skull Mask

This Neon Nightlife Light Up Skull Mask may not be a complete costume by itself, but it almost could be with its unique look. The creepy, battery-powered mask offers three display settings: full on, slow blink and fast blink. You can choose between blue and pink or blue and green combinations. Wear it with a suit for a Joker-esque style get up or simply add dark jeans and a hoodie for a scary vibe.

Neon Mask Image courtesy of Amazon


41. Morph Novelty Piggyback Costume

We’re not sure why you would want to ride a Donald Trump, but in case that’s always been your dream, the Morph Novelty Piggyback Costume has you covered. Simply pull on the costume over your legs, and stuff the fake legs with newspaper or old clothes to create a convincing looking piggyback ride for yourself. In addition to the Trump version, this Morph Novelty costume is available in 29 other varieties, including Power Rangers, Vladimir Putin and dinosaurs.

ride Donald Trump Halloween costume Image courtesy of Amazon


42. VIVO Ghillie Suit

If you want a costume that you can use after Halloween and you happen to be an avid hunter, wearing a ghillie suit might be the ideal costume. Often used by snipers to camouflage themselves against their surroundings, these suits are great for creating “monsters” for Halloween and for hunting season in the months to come. This particular suit comes with a hood, a shirt, pants and a gun cover.

VIVO Ghillie Suit Image courtesy of Amazon


43. WYKBPX Adult Jedi Costume

Since the late 70s when Star Wars: A New Hope hit cinemas, donning Jedi robes and other related Star Wars costumes for costume events has always been a hit. Even today, picking up a lightsaber and fighting the Dark Side remains a hugely popular choice. This WYKBPX Adult Tunic Hooded Robe Jedi Costume comes with almost everything you need (except a lightsaber!) to look the part. If you have a partner or group of friends, don’t miss the opportunity to embrace the Force and create a whole band of Star Wars-related characters — although maybe forget about Jar Jar.

jedi halloween costume with robe and tunic Image courtesy of Amazon


44. Ruble’s Adult Deluxe Storm Trooper Costume

Sticking with the Star Wars trend, you can really go all out with this Storm Trooper costume. It’s actually a jumpsuit with molded pieces made of foam, and it also comes with a two-piece helmet.

storm trooper costume Image courtesy of Amazon


45. Morph Viking Warrior Halloween Costume

Viking warriors were mammoth men ready to conquer new lands and live on frozen tundras. It’s no surprise that the best costume for bigger guys is this Morph Viking Warrior Halloween Costume. With a surprisingly authentic appearance, this set comes with a brown tunic complete with faux-fur shoulder pads, faux-fur leg warmers and a horned helmet. Practice your warrior cry and you just might win the best costume contest this year.

viking costume Image courtesy of Amazon


46. Rubie’s IT Pennywise Clown Costume

Pennywise from the IT movies is a major horror icon. This clown has been scaring children and adults alike for decades. The Rubie’s IT Pennywise Clown Costume comes with everything you need to pull off a convincing Pennywise, including a shirt, a belt, a mask and wig.

pennywise it costume Image courtesy of Amazon


47. Kooy Inflatable Alien Costume

If kooky is your dress up game, this Kooy Inflatable Alien Costume is definitely for you. You’re sure to get plenty of attention and you’ll be hard to miss as you are carried around/abducted by a giant green alien. It’s made from 100 percent polyester, which means it’s durable and can withstand plenty of gentle probing throughout the evening. Once on, the battery-operated fan keeps the costume inflated. This outfit is so quick and easy that you’ll be ready to head out the door in seconds.

inflatable alien costume holding a man Image courtesy of Amazon


48. Men’s Mummy Costume

If you’re a dad, it’s always fun to dress as a mummy (*tumbleweed rolls by*). But in all seriousness, with this high-quality Fun Costumes Men’s Mummy Costume, you’ll definitely look the part. The 100 percent polyester construction gives the jumpsuit plenty of strength while the zipper on the back actually makes getting in and out really simple. The costume even sports longer strips around the hands and neck to ensure that all your skin is covered for a more convincing look.

man wearing a mummy costume Image courtesy of Amazon


49. Dreamgirl Men’s Officer Ed Banger Costume

It’s well known that women are allowed to dress in sexier than normal attire on October 31st. But why should they have all the fun? Bring out your sexy side with the Dreamgirl Men’s Officer Ed Banger Costume. This set comes with the shirt, the hat, the armband and the nameplate. Add sunglasses, handcuffs and black pants to complete the look.

best halloween costume ideas for men sexy policeman Image courtesy of Amazon


50. Leg Avenue Top Gun Flight Suit Costume

With over 400 five-star reviews on Amazon, the popularity and quality of the Leg Avenue Men’s Top Gun Flight Suit Costume speak for itself. The popularity may, of course, come from the unforgettable Top Gun movie, but there’s something to be said for how cool a flight suit and a pair of aviator glasses look anyway. This suit includes a zip-up front and several sewn on badges including a specific Top Gun badge on the chest.  

man wearing a Top Gun flight suit costume Image courtesy of Amazon


51. Disguise Duffman Classic Simpsons Costume

He may not be a main character in The Simpsons, but Duffman is definitely a favorite. The mascot and spokesman for Duff Beer is the definition of cool with his muscle arms and belt full of beer. And you can take on his persona for just one evening thanks to the Disguise Duffman Classic Costume. The set comes with a Duffman jumpsuit, a hat, a detachable cape and a belt that can hold four cans of beer for you and your friends.

best halloween costume ideas for men duff man Image courtesy of Amazon


52. Morphsuits Original Color Costume

You’ve likely seen a man dressed in a morphsuit before. Whether this was during Halloween or at any other party, there’s a good reason such costumes appear regularly. Morphsuits are super easy and rather creepy. Plus, they work as a costume year after year thanks to their generic nature. The jumpsuits are made from four-way stretch material to ensure durability, and they’re available in 13 different colors.

Morphsuits Original Color Costume Image courtesy of Amazon


53. Tipsy Elves Men’s Skeleton Jumpsuit

Tipsy Elves claims that this costume takes you from “naked to awesome in just one zip!” And we’re likely to agree with that assessment with this practical costume. The jumpsuit is printed on both the front and the back with a skeleton pattern, and can be worn zipped to the neck for a friendly look or zipped all the way up to the top of the head for a more gruesome skeleton. When fully zipped, mesh eye covers allow for full visibility. And, as an added bonus, this jumpsuit includes zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe and by your side throughout your Halloween celebrations.

best halloween costume ideas for men skeleton Image courtesy of Amazon


54. Forum Novelties Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume

The pirate outfit is another classic that’s been around for years. Even before the release of Treasure Island, Peter Pan and the Pirates of the Caribbean, people have always found pirates fascinating, so expect plenty of intrigue (and rum) coming your way if you turn up in this Forum Novelties Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume. Unlike your average swashbuckler, this costume is for the captain and includes a tricorn hat, lace jabot, jacket, waistcoat, knickers and knee-high boot tops for a top-to-bottom pirate look.

man wearing a pirate costume Image courtesy of Amazon


55. Morphsuits Monster Skull and Bones Costume

If you’re looking to go completely undercover, this Monster Skull and Bones costume from Morphsuits is just the ticket. You’ll be totally unrecognizable while donning this spandex jumpsuit, which features an open jaw graphic around the neckline. Wear this, and jaws will certainly drop.

halloween costumes for men monster skull and bones Image courtesy of Amazon


56. Blippi

Anyone who currently has a toddler in their life knows that the internet sensation Blippi is all the rage, so the popular Youtube personality makes for a great costume if you have any little ones. It’s quite easy to pull off, and all you’ll need is a pair of orange suspenders, a bowtie and a light blue button-up shirt.

halloween costume ideas for men Image courtesy of Amazon

Halloween costumes for men Image courtesy of Amazon


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