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A Handmade Slim Wallet With Substance

* Handcrafted in Guatemala
* Genuine leather construction
* Comes with unique handcrafted pouch for easy gifting

With this handmade slim wallet, you can say goodbye to the dreaded wallet bulge and still have a convenient way to keep track of bills and cards. Despite its tiny minimalist size, the handmade slim wallet from Iktan can hold up to 10 cards with ease.

Handcrafted in Guatemala with artisanal-quality leather and colorful printed fabric, this unisex wallet fits neatly in pants pockets and purses alike. Its expandable design makes it a breeze to store cards and bills, and thanks to its minimal, modern shape it won’t ruin the silhouette of your outfit.

Each handmade wallet from Iktan comes with a unique fabric bag as well. The bags are handcrafted with traditional Guatemalan fabrics. In a nice contrast to the usual throwaway packaging, these handwoven bags remain useful for all kinds of things, long after the wallet itself is unpacked and has taken its place as your pocket billfold and card carrier.

The bags make great pouches for carrying sunglasses, small jewelry items and they can even find utility in car organization or be put to work storing change and small knick-knacks.

Iktan is known for innovative design and top-quality artisanal materials, and these handmade wallets are built to last, with double-stitched leather and high-quality fabric. They have a solid, substantial feel and despite their minimalist shape, these wallets are rugged and durable as well, backed by a 30-day guarantee.

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