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If You Run or Take the Dog For a Walk at Night, Check Out This $15 LED Light Beanie

* Staying visible when walking or running at night is important for your safety
* This beanie features a built-in LED light to help you see and be seen
* It comes in a range of colors and is capable of 3 levels of brightness

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to being out at night is safety. Obviously, with lower light levels, it’s harder to see, which means vehicle drivers are more likely to miss seeing you at these times. This is a problem, which is especially relevant to walkers, runners and dog walkers. That’s why making sure you, your friends and, of course, your pet are visible to drivers at night is extra important. A good place to start is having a bright light just like the one in the Night Scout Rechargeable LED Beanie Hat.

This hard-to-miss hat sports an LED light front and center. The light itself is fully removable, so you can wash the hat without worry. This feature also makes it easy to recharge the light as it can be plugged into any USB charging port. The light itself features 3 levels of brightness, which can be cycled through using the power button, allowing you to adjust the brightness level to the job you need it to do.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

The hat is like any normal, woolen hat and sits comfortably upon your head without any worries. It also includes a fold up rim, which houses the LED light, allowing you to adjust this one-size-fits-all hat to your head size.

In addition, you’ll have several color options to choose from when ordering your LED unisex hat. This might not be so important at night, but if you want to wear the beanie during the day without the light, pick a color that fits your style. Choices include red, yellow and black.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

In addition to being great for runners and dog walkers, the LED hat is ideal for anyone looking for a little bit of extra light during any hands-free task ahead, such as shoveling the drive, reading a book or even just taking out the garbage.

Whether it’s you or your partner who always draws the short straw and has to take Rex out for his evening walk in the dead of winter, make sure you’re safe and seen with this handy LED beanie.


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