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Can Wearing Hats Cause Hair Loss?

* Be careful how often you wear hats
* Let your hair out of that cap and let it breathe
* We wear hats when we are too lazy to fix our hair

Hats will save the day when you don’t have much time to get ready. It’s so easy to throw one on and walk out the door. So easy it just might be dangerous. Next time you roll out of bed and have to be somewhere soon, consider these questions and save your hair in lieu of the convenience of a hat.

Can You Lose Hair?

It depends. If you like adding a baseball cap to your rotation every now and then, it won’t be a big deal. But, if you wear hats often then you run the risk of thinning your hair out which eventually will cause it to break and fall out. Construction workers who wear hard hats daily, and even professional football players, will notice more hair loss than others. Try only to wear hats in moderation. Wearing them every day will cause damage and lead to hair loss.


How Do Hats Damage Hair?

Wearing hats too frequently will cut off the necessary circulation of blood to your scalp. This blood carries important nutrients that your scalp and hair need to remain healthy and full. Tight fitting hats or other head gear like helmets and hard hats are what you want to try and avoid. The sun also provides important nutrients to you hair. The Vitamin D that you’re missing out on when you wear a hat is an important part of healthy hair growth.


How Frequently is Safe?

There is no golden rule on this, but you can be pretty sure you will experience hair loss if you wear a hat every day. So try set that alarm a little earlier so you can get up in time to do your hair and let it breathe. If you want to throw on a hat for a workout for a couple of hours every day you will be fine depending on the genetic strength of your hair, but wearing it all day every day is crossing the line. Try only to wear a hat 2-3 times per week.

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