Get Pharrell’s Modern Take on the Classic Hawaiian Print

Elwood X25 Aloha G-Star Raw

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* Leafy printed pants from Pharrell’s G-Star collaboration
* Heavyweight cotton/canvas construction
* Versatile print can be dressed up or down to suit variety of occasions

This month, Dutch fashion label, G-Star Raw, released their Spring/Summer 2017 “Elwood X25” collection in honor of their Elwood pant’s 20th anniversary. The collection is curated by fashion icon and music mogul, Pharrell Williams, who became co-owner and “head of imagination,” for the brand in 2016.

Pharrell’s premise for the collection is rooted in expanding the brand’s commitment to offering pieces that celebrate individuality and personal expression, and the wide array of print options available were hand-selected by Pharrell and influenced by cultural motifs from around the world. This colorful collection is underscored with an underlying attention to multiculturalism and is emblematic of G-Star’s commitment to promote diversitythrough their unique designs.

Elwood X25 Aloha G-Star Raw

Our favorite piece in the collection is the Elwood X25 jeans in the aloha print. Perfect for the warmer weather, this graphic print features a colorful array of tropical-themed florals and foliage, borrowing imagery from traditional Hawaiian shirts that became a quintessential travel souvenir during the 1950s.

This classic jean is crafted from heavyweight cotton canvas and has a relaxed seat and semi-tapered hem. The heavy fabric, along with structured tailoring, make the denim pants look more like a trouser, increasing its versatility.

According to G-Star Raw, the classic Hawaiian print draws influence from early Japanese tailoring. In the 20th century, the original aloha print was introduced to the United States courtesy of Japanese immigrant and textile artist Koichiro Miyamoto, whose aloha-printed shirts were an instant hit among Westerners and Polynesians alike. This iconic print has become synonymous with travel culture and American kitsch, but G-Star Raw re-imagines the print in this piece to emphasize its broader cultural context, celebrating its non-Western origins.

While wearing loud prints and/or bright colors can be daunting, printed bottoms are often a more versatile option than solid slacks. Wearing printed pants like the Aloha Elwood jeans will also make styling the rest of your outfit simple and quick. Because the print is so eye-catching, pairing them with basics is essential to avoid looking over the top for daytime activities or office attire. To create an office-appropriate look with these pants, we suggest pairing them with a classic white buttoned-up shirt, tailored blazer and black oxford shoes. Styling with them with dressier pieces will give the look a more formal feel and keep the look balanced.

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